A Brief Overview of Coronavirus COVID19

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The whole world is facing the effects of a deadly epidemic called coronavirus these days. The outbreak of this disease was experienced in Wuhan (China) in December 2019. Now the spread of virus has been observed in more than 210 countries of the world. Although no cure for the disease has been discovered but the World Health Organization (WHO) and other health centers have suggested different steps to remain safe and reduce the chances to get infected from the disease. Almost all the countries have testing facilities for better diagnosis before facing the severe conditions of patients.

Symptoms of Coronavirus

The people infecting from COVID19 experience symtoms within 14 days after its exposure. The symptoms may vary from person to person but the most common are as follows:

  • Pain in muscles
  • Dry cough
  • Fever
  • Breathing problem
  • Chills
  • Infectious Throat

Less common symptoms include headache, diarrhea, vomiting, loss of taste and nausea. According to WHO report, more than 70% people recover from the disease without requiring medical treatment. People with weak immune systems (older people or those having some chronic diseases like cancer, blood pressure and heart problems) are at larger risk of developing these symptoms followed by serious infection. In that case, such people are required to seek the serious medical attention to get rid of the disease safely.

Spread of COVID-19

The spread of COVID-19 may occur from person to person or even from other objects of surrounding. The coronavirus can be transferred through following ways:

  • When people having already COVID19 infection coughs or sneezes and droplets come out of their mouth to the nearby people
  • When two persons come in contact and one of them is already infected by COVID19 then virus is transmitted to the healthy person as well
  • When a healthy person touches an object or any surface which already has a virus
  • The coronavirus can also be transmitted from animals to the human beings

Treatment and Prevention of COVID-19

Currently, medical experts have not discovered any cure of the disease and no medicine has been proved to prevent the disease. The health organizations have not recommended any medicine to use at home without getting any suggestion from doctor. However, there are many trials to discover the cure of disease to overcome the losses due to this viral infection. The most common ways to keep yourself safe and reduce the chances of infection from the disease are as follows:

  • Wash your hands after regular intervals
  • Keep yourself neat and clean every time
  • Cover your mouth with a mask and do not re-use it again without sterilizing
  • Maintain one-meter distance from other people around you
  • The tissue must be discarded after using it once