Tips to choose the best jewelry for men

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For thousands of years, men and women have been wearing jewelry. The people wear Italian jewelry for men to show off their class, wealth, and in some cases, jewelry is a part of their personality. Some men don’t wear much jewelry as their wedding ring suffices their jewelry collection but some guys like wearing jewelry. Men wear watches, bracelets, neck chains, earrings, rings, cufflinks, tie pin and other collection of jewelry as well. Just like women, men are conscious of their personality and they want to look good. Therefore, it is important that you wear jewelry that suits your personality and looks amazing on you. Women follow various guidelines while choosing jewelry so it is obvious men will look for some guidelines or tips to choose the Italian jewelry for men. There were different jewelry trends in different eras. If you like wearing jewelry, then here are two important tips that you should consider. Have a look down below:

Less is more

One of the biggest fashion statements in 2020 is definitely “less is more”. It is the decade year where everyone has access to some extent of fashionable clothes, jewelry, footwear and plenty of other accessories. Now, people are expected to make better fashion choices. So, when you have an office day and you want to wear some jewelry, try out a few items instead of going all the way in. A simple yet chic pair of earrings and a watch with a bracelet would suffice your look. Don’t wear too shiny necklaces or stretchy earrings or bracelets at the office because it would make you look unprofessional. Instead, keep it simple and professional by showing off your nice and chic jewelry.

Another aspect of this statement could be choosing jewelry that is less decorative and has a sophisticated look. Suppose you want a necklace and there is a huge variety of necklaces including small, large, medium and some with bold looks. Surely, every item is beautiful but go with the medium or small-sized necklace as it would make you look sophisticated in a professional environment. The same goes for earrings and bracelets.

Layering is key

For jewelry lovers, there are a few ways that can make you look great if you layer up a few jewelry items. With timepieces, you can wear 2-3 of your bracelets but it has to be in the proximity of your watch. The same way you can layer up a few necklaces and neck chains in different sizes. Choose the Italian jewelry for men in classic neutral tones so that it can go with anything you are wearing. You can change the jewelry selection according to the occasion. For a professional look, go with the simple bracelets, earrings, rings, or necklace but if you are going to a party or a game night, maybe add a few bold layers in between simple necklaces or bracelets to look casual. Don’t overdo it like rappers because it doesn’t look good. You should look fashionable, not a jewelry store.