5 Ways To Spend Your Christmas Money Wisely

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Lots of people hate random Christmas gifts, so they end up with a large chunk of cash instead. If you fall into this category you might already know what you’re going to do with it. Don’t rush into anything too quickly if you want to find great deals.

There are websites online where your money will go much further. You’ll be able to treat yourself a lot more if you’re smart about it. Maybe you already know most of these tricks. If not, you will know how to take advantage of them in a few minutes.

Coupon Sites Are Still A Big Deal

Do you remember when Groupon reached its peak a few years ago? Everyone was in love with coupon websites, but they eventually lost their appeal. If you check out sites like it’s difficult to see why.

It’s still possible to find some of the best deals online in every category you can imagine. Buying anything without seeing if there is a coupon available doesn’t make sense. It will only take you a few seconds to check.

Follow Companies On Social Media

You have to understand companies don’t want to market their products. It’s expensive and it will hurt their bottom line, so they’ll do anything they can to avoid it. One of their tactics involves social media.

Every once in a while, they’ll give everyone who follows them a discount code to enter at the checkout. It only takes a second to send out a tweet, but it’s an effective way to boost their sales considerably.

Booking Your Summer Adventure Now

If you’ve already decided where you’re going on holiday you should book now. Lots of people think it’s better to wait until the last minute, but they’re completely wrong. You’ll get the best deals when booking in advance.

You will also have more options to choose from because places fill up fast. Hotels will accept less money now to ensure no rooms are left empty. It’s also nice knowing you’ve got 6 months to prepare in the gym.

Leave Products Sitting In Your Basket

Once you’ve added products to your shopping basket don’t follow through with the sale straight away. It’s only going to lose you money. Leave them for a while and companies will assume you’ve changed your mind.

Fortunately, they’ll still think they have the skills to tempt you back. This usually involves them giving you a pretty good discount code. Start using this trick with everything you have your eye on.

Clear Your Cookies Before You Buy

Some websites will try to squeeze a few extra dollars out of customers by using dynamic pricing. If you’re logged into a website you might be offered a product at an inflated price, because you’re obviously a fan of the company.

If a completely different person checked the same product it would be X dollars cheaper. You can’t fault store owners for trying their luck, but you can beat the system. Always clear your cookies before buying anything online.

Enjoy Some Extra Christmas Treats

If you follow the tips we’ve talked about today you’ll be able to treat yourself to extra products. It’s definitely worth spending a while looking into each one. Don’t flush your Christmas money down the drain.

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