You Can Get A Sexy New Waist High Bikini By Shopping Online

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Looking out of the window in January might not make you think of bikinis. But we are fast approaching “cruise season”, which generally begins around the start of the new year, and those fortunate enough to make this escape are no doubt thinking about good food, relaxing in tropical breezes, and of course, showing off new swimsuits. And there’s something about a tropical vacation that calls to mind not just swimsuits, but bikinis.

Over its seventy-year history the bikini has gone from being a fashion shocker to a commonplace item. It remains an eye-catching and sexy swimsuit option, provided that it’s worn with style. According to the fashion police of yore, that meant that the only appropriate parties to wear this garment were movie stars, models, or those mere mortals fortunate enough to be a size two.

Thankfully we are moving away from the old-fashioned swimsuit way of thinking, back from the swim suit “dark ages” when larger sized women were condemned to wearing shapeless black sacks to the beach. The plus size clothing revolution has liberated swimsuits as well as well as the women who wear them. Plus size models like Robin Lawley and Ashley Graham have demonstrated in countless magazine spreads and on runways how good trendy fashions can look on larger women — and this includes lingerie and yes, bikinis in addition to dresses and pantsuits. 

But you don’t have to be a model and have a wardrobe department at your disposal to have a great beach look. There are lots of tips out there for using colors, patterns, and accessories to look good no matter your size. However, such techniques usually involve adding elements, and let’s face it — not every woman is comfortable showing so much skin. The results indeed attract attention, although usually not what the wearer was intending. Does this mean she shouldn’t wear one? Not at all. She just needs to find the right bikini. A sexy waist high bikini lets the wearer exhibit just the right amount of thigh and midriff to create a look that is both flattering to her body and fashion-friendly. And a tankini offers a little more coverage while flattering the figure and allowing it to get some sun. But you’ve looked in brick and mortar stores, and you’re only seeing those sad-sack one pieces, but perhaps you haven’t yet though about shopping online.

For a sexy waist-high bikini, visit a site like swimsuitsforall, which not only offers the best variety of flattering suits of all types for plus size wearers — it also offers frequent and timely sales. Right now, they are offering a 30% off site-wide sale complete with free shipping. Even better, send a buddy here, and you’ll get 40% off of your next purchase. Tankinis, swimdresses, and waist high bikinis from swimsuitsforall will never disappoint because personalized body type calculators and a gallery of plus size models showing off the actual products ensure that you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for this year.

Shopping online for swimsuits has all the advantages of other e-shopping experiences, like availability, variety, and the convenience of home delivery, so whether you’re taking a cruise, or simply lounging in a neighbor’s hot tub, today’s flattering plus size swimsuits make you look great no matter where you wear them.