How to Tie a Tie Like a Pro

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If you want to up your tie game, there are a few easy tricks you can try. One is using a dimple for extra sophistication; the other is tying your tie in a bow shape for even more formality.

The Half Windsor Knot:

This knot is a go-to for Monday through Friday work looks. It looks great with slim collars, shirts with an edge (hello floral!) and outfits that straddle the line between smart and casual dressing.

Start by making sure the wide end of your tie is longer than the narrow end by about a foot. Cross this over to the left side, adjusting its width according to your neck size. Pull this wide end over again several times until it fits through a loop at your collar.

Tie in a Loop:

If the thick end of your tie isn’t wide enough to form an expansive loop, there’s another option for knotting it securely. Just be mindful not to get too close to the knot’s base so as not to pinch any skin cells.

You can also fold your tie into a bow shape for an additional formal touch. This is an effective alternative to tying it in a regular loop, and will make the tie appear more polished.

How to Tie a Knot in a Bow:

When learning how to tie a bow tie, try different designs and see which works best for you. After finding the ideal design, it’s time to tie it off!

To achieve this look, drape your tie around your neck so the wide end hangs about 4-5 inches lower than the narrow end. Once this is achieved on one side, flip it over so no longer visible seam remains.

Finally, fold the wide end over and turn it to your right so that the seam is hidden and your tie looks more finished.

Start with the wide end and bring it up to your neck loop. Now, insert that same tip through a loop from the front of your tie on your right side; slide it up and down through it, then pull it through completely.

Now that you understand this knot, you can explore more advanced techniques. With two minutes, you could even convert your regular tie into a bow tie!

Bow ties are the ideal accessory for any special occasion. Wear one to work, out to dinner or out on the town – there’s sure to be a tie that matches your outfit perfectly. With so many styles and colors available, there’s sure to be one that goes with every style and color perfectly.