Fashion Mistakes to Avoid After 50

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At 50, it can feel like a milestone – but that doesn’t have to mean turning into Granny from Beverly Hillsbillies! Due to menopause or body shape changes, you may have found certain styles no longer suit you; don’t fret though: Gransnet Talk Forums offer some fashion advice tailored specifically for women over 50!


We all know the feeling of sliding on skinny jeans or snug gym gear that hugs every inch of our flesh snugly – yet these clothes may only seem great on the outside – yet they may pose significant health and wellbeing risks for us all.

Tight clothing can limit breathing, leading to acid reflux or even thrush. They may also make you sweat more, leading to fungal infections and stress-inducing fungal growth on your body. According to an article on Anxiety Disorder, wearing tight clothing may actually increase feelings of anxiety and stress.

Tight clothing may cause headaches and blurred vision, which are symptoms of poor blood circulation to your brain. So if these issues persist for you, investing in looser fitting clothing may help!


At 50, life brings many changes – not least of all your wardrobe! Though you may have had an impressive sense of style in your younger years, menopause and changes to body composition may render some outfits from that era no longer suitable. Wearing uncomfortable clothing only serves to age you further while diminishing any sense of polish that once existed.

Avoid fashion trends unsuitable for women over 50, such as ripped jeans, skinny jeans, crop tops and neon colors that send the wrong signal about your maturity level or professionalism and can leave you feeling uncomfortable and out-of-place.

By the time you reach your fifties, it should become evident that striving to remain fashionable is no longer worth your while. Instead, choose pieces which feel comfortable on your skin while reflecting your mature style.


“Matchy-matchy” used to be considered a fashion faux pas; an insult directed against those who overemphasized color coordination. Now it has evolved into an accolade; an indication of someone with true style who knows that pairing a violet cashmere tunic with Liberty print cotton pants and Prince of Wales check shoes looks exquisite.

Too much matching-matching can be an embarrassing fashion faux pas at any age. It makes you appear forced and prematurely ages you.

As a way to avoid looking too matchy-matchy, try mixing up the colors of your clothing. For instance, if you’re wearing a red dress, avoid matching it with red shoes and accessories; opt for neutral or dark colors instead for an updated modern look – this also works when selecting accessories!


Fashion experts often warn that showing too much skin can draw unwanted attention. This statement rings especially true for women; corporate stylist Maree Ellard has told Business Insider (BI) that one of the main style mistakes she sees Gen Z women making when dressing for work attire is showing too much skin – she recommends only showing legs, arms and decolletage when possible; for mini skirt wearers she advises covering both your cleavage and midriff to create balance and create harmony.