5 Secrets To Looking Good In Men’s T-Shirts

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Some guys don’t like wearing men’s t-shirts because they’re too casual. You don’t need to wear dress shirts everywhere, but you can’t just throw on anything. There are rules you need to follow when choosing tees.

Let’s look at some of the main ones you don’t want to forget. If you start following these rules, you’ll be able to throw on your clothes much quicker, plus your neck will feel a hundred times more comfortable.

1. Don’t Ignore The Fabric

Stay away from anything that says 100% cotton because the t-shirts are terrible. It will look like a tee you won in a bar after drinking ten whiskey sours. That doesn’t mean you should stay away from cotton shirts.

Just make sure it’s combined with a stretchier material that gives t-shirts a beautiful fit. It’s also fine to choose more exotic materials, like merino and linen. Cotton is usually the most affordable one, which is why you see it everywhere.

2. Lose A Little Body Weight

Men’s t-shirts that hug the body look better than loose-fitting ones, but that comes with a downside. If you’re carrying some extra pounds on your belly, you will probably feel uncomfortable wearing tight tees.

You’ll look much better if you lose a few pounds, even if it’s not enough to drop a size. Every little helps when trying to lose weight. You might have more motivation if you invest in some fancy designer tees.

3. Crewnecks Can Look Cheap

Be careful buying crew neck t-shirts because they can look cheap. Men’s t-shirts with v-necks will look better on the average guy. It will help you look taller, and your chest will look more impressive if you hit the gym.

Crewnecks look good on guys with slimmer figures. Designer tees with crew necks are usually better than cheap ones too. If you choose something with a pocket, you’ll need to ensure it doesn’t look tacky.

4. Stick To Neutral Colors

Neutral colors will make you look smooth and sophisticated. Black, white, and gray tend to be more flattering if you’re overweight. Those colors will also look good no matter what you’re wearing on your legs and feet.

It’s okay to wear bright t-shirts as long as it’s solid colors. I’m sure you’ll know a couple of colors that look good on you. A colorful design on the front of your neutral black/gray/white tee will work perfectly.

5. Tees Should Look Brand New

Certain things go in and out of style all the time. People like to wear distressed t-shirts because it looks like they’re from the 80s. It was pretty popular a few years ago until unimaginative hipsters ruined everything.

Your Toronto t-shirt printing clothing should look brand new after you buy it. Think about replacing it with something else once it loses its color. Tees will last longer if you spend a bit more, but it’s worth the extra shelf life.

Don’t Break The Rules

You don’t need to worry about tees you wear lying around the house, but follow these rules if you want to look good when you go outside.