Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Texas

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Texas boasts an array of advanced industries that boast some of the highest-paying jobs nationwide, from medical careers to technical work and sports-related professions – each offer exceptional salaries.

Healthcare practitioners and top executives boast some of the most profitable careers in New Hampshire.

1. Medical Director

Medical directors at state supported living centers are trained professionals who perform advanced psychiatric work. They examine and diagnose mental diseases according to the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders; then provide treatment.

Dermatologists in Texas enjoy lucrative jobs that require special training and experience, performing screenings and skin exams as well as treating hair, nail and skin ailments.

Healthcare jobs tend to lead the list of Texas’ highest-paying occupations, like they do in most states. But there are other high-paying professions you might be surprised to discover, such as air traffic controllers and chemical engineers; their median annual wages average $145,280 according to Credit Karma’s analysis of data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

2. Nurse Anesthetist

As one of Texas 2024’s highest-paying jobs, nurse anesthetists offer anesthesia services and related care to patients in hospitals, prisons, ambulatory surgical centers and dental clinics. Assessing patient histories, selecting an anesthetic type suited for each case and monitoring patients during medical procedures or post-anesthesia recovery are just a few key responsibilities they hold.

Healthcare professionals make up four of the five highest-paying professions in Texas. Cardiologists, anesthesiologists and dermatologists all reportedly earn over $300k annually on average.

Texas boasts several professional sports teams with high salaries for both players and coaches, as well as management positions such as chief executive officer (CEO). Many people in these positions also earn substantial income; such jobs require extensive education and experience for successful candidates to secure. If you want to make good money in Texas, having an established career path will give you the best shot.

3. Psychiatrist

Psychologists in Texas can expect an annual salary of $319,862. As of 2024, this career ranks as one of the highest-paying in Texas and can provide a substantial source of income if one works hard and invests in their education.

As a Psychiatrist, your primary duties will include conducting thorough evaluations on patients in order to diagnose and treat mental illnesses. Furthermore, you are accountable for devising treatment plans and prescribing medications as necessary.

Business Insider examined pay data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to identify which jobs paid the highest in each state. Texas tops this list, with cardiologists making an average annual salary of $413,510; enough money to quickly pay off student debt and save for retirement.

4. Physician

Physicians are doctors that diagnose and treat diseases and injuries of their patients, usually holding either a Doctor of Medicine (MD) or Doctor of Osteopathy (DO) degree. Physicians may specialize in any number of fields such as emergency, internal medicine and pediatric medicine.

Physician anesthesiologists are trained medical professionals who administer anesthesia to patients before, during, and post surgery. In addition, these medical professionals provide other services like counseling women about reproductive health issues or providing family planning solutions.

Business Insider reviewed the most up-to-date salary data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to identify which occupations in Texas earn the most money. Our research identified physicians and cardiologists as two top positions; for more details on our rankings of Texas jobs please see here. To become a physician requires both a bachelor’s degree and professional training.

5. Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

CEO is an executive position at the highest levels, responsible for overseeing subordinate managers to ensure an organization runs seamlessly and meets long-term financial and productivity targets. This job requires extensive industry experience as well as either a bachelor’s or master’s degree for optimal success.

Texas’s booming economy, low unemployment rate and affordable cost of living make it an appealing place for professionals looking for well-paying employment. Texas offers above-national-average wage jobs that can be found both in metro areas such as Houston and Dallas and rural locations like Midland. As well as high-tech manufacturing and healthcare companies in Texas, freelance workers in engineering, marketing and software development also flourish within its growing gig economy – creating a diverse pool from which hiring managers can select candidates.

6. Energy Engineer

When considering the highest-paying jobs in Texas, medical professionals such as cardiologists and ophthalmologists might come to mind first. But there are other high-paying careers outside healthcare too – Credit Karma collected data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to uncover Texas’s highest salaries across various occupations.

From air traffic controllers to energy engineers, here are 10 of Texas’ highest-paying jobs that offer higher salaries than the national average. While these positions might not enjoy as much prestige as physicians and dentists do, they still provide great opportunities for financial stability and professional advancement. To gain more insight into these lucrative professions, please see the infographic below.

7. Biomedical Engineer

Texas is well known for being big-hearted, so it should come as no surprise that many of its top jobs offer generous pay packages. According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, healthcare professionals make up a considerable share of Texas’ highest paying jobs – although air traffic controllers and public relations managers also enjoy decent wages.

If you want a high-paying job in Texas, the first step should be gaining education and experience. Once qualified, apply to jobs that match your skills. Switch employers for higher wages; gain management experience or simply build an online presence that promotes you to prospective employers in order to land an opportunity that exceeds average pay rates in Texas.

8. Software Developer

Systems software developers specialize in designing, creating, testing, and maintaining low-level operating systems that connect various hardware and software applications together. These experts possess expertise in multiple programming languages as well as low-code development platforms that facilitate application creation with minimal manual coding needed.

Hospital Physicians are highly experienced healthcare providers responsible for the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of medical disorders within hospital settings. In addition, they work collaboratively with other providers and conduct thorough physical exams on their patients.

Texas boasts some of the highest paying jobs in advanced industries, so if you’re interested in joining this workforce, consider enrolling in a program at one of these colleges in one of these sectors. Furthermore, stay active on professional social media to showcase your talents and expertise while keeping an eye out for new opportunities!

9. Financial Analyst

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Financial analysts offer recommendations regarding investments and other financial activities for both businesses and individuals. Utilizing data analysis, they study current markets while making predictions regarding future trends – creating reports with their findings as the result.

Office accountants generally work in an office environment and must possess knowledge of standard accounting procedures and techniques. Their interpersonal skills may also prove essential when they must present their findings to others in meetings.

Staffing agencies offer temporary jobs in this industry and may serve as stepping stones towards permanent contracts. You can search online for Texas staffing companies or explore job titles and salaries on ZipRecruiter – becoming an Insider will give you full access to this report, exclusively available for subscribers of Business Insider. Subscribe today!

10. Marketing Manager

Texas boasts an booming economy with numerous high-paying jobs. Healthcare professionals tend to make some of the highest wages in Texas; however, one might be surprised at just how high an income marketing managers can make there.

Marketing managers play a vital role in any marketing team, working closely with product management and sales to deliver marketing initiatives designed to drive customer engagement. In collaboration with third-party marketers they also help create new campaigns which help increase customer loyalty.

Marketing managers in Texas typically earn an average annual salary of more than twice this figure due to its robust oil and gas industries and higher income taxes – both of which help boost their salaries further.