High Salary Jobs in Edmonton, Canada

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High Salary jobs in Edmonton, Canada are available across various industries and pay competitive wages, making these positions highly sought after and lucrative career options. If you are in search of a change of career direction then these lucrative positions could be right for you!

Housekeepers are in high demand as people become busier with work, leaving no time for regular housework tasks at home. On average, housekeepers earn between 30,000-42,000 annually.


As either an Edmonton native or someone new to Alberta city, finding high-paying jobs is key for living comfortably. The ideal job requires providing both a stable salary while helping advance in your career – although some roles require specific skillsets or certifications to qualify. Luckily, high-paying opportunities exist for individuals of all backgrounds!

Edmonton jobs that offer competitive pay include those in medicine, law enforcement and finance – fields typically requiring degrees and additional training or certification. Accountants, sales managers and plant managers also typically enjoy higher incomes that allow them to save for their families’ futures.

There are also a variety of other lucrative careers available in Edmonton Canada that pay a higher salary, such as those within the oil and gas industry like engineers, human resource managers and data controllers. It should be noted however, that these jobs tend to be very in-demand so may not be suitable for everyone.

As one way of finding high-paying jobs in Edmonton, working for the government can be an excellent way to find one with high salaries. There are various government positions available and each of these jobs pay well; although some may be stressful at times, many others can also be highly rewarding.

Teachers in Edmonton also enjoy high salaries. It is an ideal job for people who enjoy working with children; plus it allows you to put your talents and skills towards helping others. Salary ranges are highly competitive; some schools even provide pension plans specifically for teachers!

Edmonton boasts several high-paying jobs that offer annual compensation of $300,000. While these roles tend to fall within the medical sector, some don’t require formal education or additional training and make an ideal way for individuals who want to make an impactful difference while making a decent living.


Earning a six-figure salary can be rewarding, but what’s even better is doing something you love while earning it. Edmonton provides plenty of high-paying jobs ranging from project managing to recruiting that offer competitive compensation packages – take a look at these companies that are hiring in YEG today.

Alberta is home to an oil and gas-driven economy, so much of the city’s job demand resides within these fields. Other fields that offer good salaries include IT, engineering and geoscience – these jobs may provide enough money for you and your family if chosen wisely.

Software developers are in high demand as businesses increasingly turn to cutting-edge technology. These professionals write, modify and integrate computer code for apps while developing or maintaining OS-level software as well as helping implement cloud and communication software, according to Randstad. In late November alone, Indeed listed over 1,046 jobs available within Canada alone for software developers; according to Job Bank data these professionals typically earn a median annual salary of $62,400 on an hourly work week basis.

Edmonton, the capital city of Alberta, boasts a vibrant economy. Its industrial sector includes strong metal fabrication and machinery production industries; while retail and food services also flourish here; such as West Edmonton Mall.

Edmonton boasts a diverse economy as well as several cultural institutions, which contribute to its vibrant citylife. Edmonton is known as Canada’s Festival City with annual events like the Edmonton Folk Music Festival and Winspear Centre for Performance Art taking place year-round. Furthermore, Edmonton is located near numerous provincial and national parks such as Elk Island National Park which provide wildlife-watching opportunities.

Delivery Drivers

If you enjoy driving, Edmonton Canada offers various high-paying jobs that offer generous salaries. If you put in hard work and can provide excellent customer service skills, these opportunities may prove especially satisfying and bring numerous additional perks which could increase your income over time.

These jobs can provide many opportunities for personal growth. Not only will you become more independent, but these positions also enable you to meet many people and form friendships – not to mention being financially rewarding enough for an opulent lifestyle! Finding a job with good salary potential in Edmonton is essential – use Monster’s salary estimator tool to find them!

Researchers keep tabs on which jobs will be in high demand in the coming years and publish lists of occupations likely to experience high, medium, or lower demand. You can search for these opportunities on the job board of your employer or visit websites listing jobs from various sectors.

Edmonton boasts several highly-paying jobs, such as those for project managers, physiotherapists and sales managers – which offer six-figure salaries – making them excellent choices for anyone entering the workforce.

Edmonton salary rates depend heavily on your job type and level of expertise, for instance an engineer could make up to $70,000 annually in Edmonton.

Security Guards

Security guards are responsible for safeguarding people, property, and information. They may work full-time or part-time hours in many companies offering flexible schedules; many even allow their guards to select between night, early morning, afternoon shifts and travel duties as they see fit. Security guards may work for individuals while others work for corporations or law enforcement agencies.

If you’re interested in becoming a security guard, it is essential that you meet certain qualifications. In particular, you will need to be physically fit, possess good communication skills and be able to read and write effectively; furthermore, they will need to pass both a background check and drug test before being hired on.

Security guard salaries depend on factors like industry, location and experience. Some entry-level jobs pay close to minimum wage while others provide higher compensation. You could possibly increase your salary by switching employers or developing additional skills – or by leading a team of security guards.

Most people assume that the highest-paying jobs are found within medicine or engineering, however there are numerous other fields which offer lucrative six-figure salaries such as cybersecurity which offers salaries up to $110,000 annually with many opportunities for advancement and growth.

Edmonton is a large Canadian city famous for its festivals and cultural events. Home of North America’s largest shopping centre – West Edmonton Mall – Edmonton makes for an excellent living and working experience with low unemployment rates and ample opportunity for newcomers alike.

If you’re seeking an excellent career that pays well, consider becoming a security guard. Not only is it safe and rewarding; it can also help build relationships within the field which could lead to job referrals or promotions later. Plus, Edmonton boasts many reasons to make living and working here worthwhile, from its vibrant arts scene to diverse culture.