Add More Layers Of Conversion To Your Dealer Site

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You understand that your dealer website is more than just an ad or an inventory list, it’s your most important lead generator. If your only way of capturing leads is a “Contact Us” page, you’re missing out on a lot of prospects who want to talk to someone right away and want to do it online. In order to make the most of your website, you need to add additional layers of conversion and break into communication channels you’ve previously ignored.

Behavioral Live Chat

Behavioral live chat goes beyond the passive chat windows that work well for companies that use it for customer support, when customers have a technical question they want answered online. If you’re in the business of selling big ticket items like automobiles, your 24/7 dealer chat software needs to be active, meaning that online consultants will invite repeat visitors to engage in a conversation. One such active chat is offered by the company Gubagoo, which also incorporates a behavioral intelligence system. The behavioral intelligence system records a visitor’s behavior on your site by logging the IP address and ranking it, notifying consultants when a visitor seems ready to be engaged.

Smart Promotions Publisher

Any good live chat software should also come with a promotions publisher that your website guests can scroll through, but it should come powered by behavioral intelligence. For example, the patented intelligence system created by Gubagoo records the pages a visitor clicks and uses that information to change the promotions displayed by the publisher, showing deals that appeal to the visitor’s click patterns (i.e., if they’ve been looking at trade-ins, it will show relevant deals).

Integrate with Facebook Messenger

If you’re advertising on Facebook (and you should be), you also need to be available to talk live through Facebook Messenger. More customers want to engage with brands through social media and messaging platforms that they’re already using, skipping your website entirely and still receiving relevant inventory images and information. Make sure your live chat solution is integrated with Facebook Messenger, so that the same online consultants manning your website can push the same inventory and dynamic scripts they use to generate leads through new media.

Get Your Sales Team Online

By some estimates, the ideal timeframe for following up on a website lead is as short as 60 seconds, which means that your sales team needs to know in real time when conversations are happening and when leads are coming in. One neat tool that brings live chat closer to your in-house sales team is the RESQ app by Gubagoo, which gives them instant and easy access to see all the activity handled by consultants. They can view conversations in real time, “whisper” information to the consultants through a private message, or even jump right into the conversation. It’s an effective way to take the dialogue between the prospect and your brand to the next level, to introduce pricing and financing, and turn contact information into a test drive appointment.

Over two-thirds of consumers prefer getting in touch online because it means immediate answers, they can multi-task while they seek help, and they can do it while they’re at work. When you decide to invest in a 24/7 live chat, make sure you’re getting a product that goes the extra mile providing multiple ways to capture and convert leads and one that integrates your greatest asset, your sales team. Your team will thank you as they watch their sales numbers jump and your business thrive.