Top Things to Do on a Trip to South Korea

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South Korea is renowned for its stunning seaside cities and beaches, as well as an intriguing cultural heritage that should not be missed.

Are you searching for a romantic weekend away or want to get into the K-Pop spirit? South Korea offers plenty of activities and attractions. Keep reading to discover some of its top destinations!

1. Visit the Five Grand Palaces

Travelers to South Korea must not miss visiting the Five Grand Palaces of Seoul, dating back hundreds of years and once the residence of King Sejong of Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910). These majestic structures still stand today as testaments to their glory.

Gyeongbokgung Palace is the most historically significant and visually stunning of the five palaces. Changdeokgung and Changgyeonggung, East Palaces, boast stunning gardens and beautifully restored old buildings while Deoksugung & Gyeonghuigung are smaller palaces that can easily fit into any travel itinerary when exploring Seoul’s vibrant cityscape.

Changdeokgung Palace (or Donggwol, the Eastern Palace) is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and served as the primary residence of Joseon dynasty kings. Its design was meant to blend in with the terrain rather than dominate it – creating an truly remarkable sight!

2. Go to a K-Pop Concert

K-Pop Concerts are an integral part of South Korean culture and offer fans the chance to witness their favorite K-pop stars perform live. Tickets for these shows can be acquired through official websites.

You can attend some free concerts featuring performances by different K-pop groups that will be broadcasted on television.

No matter if you’re new to K-Pop or an experienced fan, attending a concert is one of the most thrilling activities to do in Korea. Not only can you meet the artists but watch them perform live!

Chanting along to music can be an enjoyable experience. Some fans do this by syncing lyrics to the song, while others create their own chants which they perform while listening to the tune.

3. Visit Namsan Tower

Built as a broadcast tower to transmit radio and television signals across Seoul, this iconic landmark has since evolved into several restaurants, observation decks, a digital observatory, and roof terrace for visitors to enjoy.

The tower’s significance to South Koreans can be seen in its name: N Seoul Tower – an amalgamation of “Namsan”, “New” and “Nature”. It boasts an expansive network of transmission antennae, hosting channels such as PBC, KBS, MBC, SBS TV/FM broadcasting services; PBC TBS CBS FM radio channels; all operating from its base.

The tower is the perfect spot to take a break and take in stunning views of the cityscape. Plus, at night it lights up with various colors for an extra-special experience. No matter if you’re here as a local or visiting as a tourist, make sure not to miss this iconic attraction on your list. You might also want to take some time out of sightseeing to stroll around one of Chicago’s largest parks – one known for its breathtaking panoramas over the capital.

4. Get a Love Lock

The love lock is an age-old symbol of eternal devotion between two individuals. They’re commonly used to commemorate weddings, engagements and declarations of true affection.

Around the world, people can purchase locks to write their message on them. But none quite compare to South Korea, where NSeoul Tower – at its highest point – boasts an array of locks hanging from its rooftop terrace.

As you can see in the photo, these flowers are truly stunning! You’ll even spot them on Christmas trees, gates and fences.

North Seoul Tower on Namsan Mountain is another place where couples often leave their love locks. Here, they can adorn their locks while admiring stunning views of Seoul below.

Kassie Yeung, a TikToker from Los Angeles, recently decided to travel all the way to South Korea in order to remove a lock she and her ex left on a tower there. In her video sharing her journey with followers, it’s an interesting tale but also relatable as everyone experiences relationships, breakups and love locks with an ex.