Things to Do in Alberta, Canada

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No matter your interest – be it history, art or thrill seeking – Alberta offers something for you!

Alberta is known for its mountain landscape that features towering peaks, turquoise lakes (such as Lake Louise) and ancient glaciers, but also offers exciting shopping opportunities, theme parks and six UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Here are some of the top Things To Do In Alberta.

1. Glacier Skywalk

Alberta offers many amazing experiences and one of the finest is standing on a walkway over a glacier, where only glass separates you from a 280-meter drop. No other experience compares, making the Skywalk part of Columbia Icefields Parkway, open May through mid-October is one you should not miss. Just book early as spots often fill quickly!

Abraham Lake in Alberta offers another wonderful activity – watching the ice bubbles form under water during winter at Abraham Lake Reservoir, used for power generation. You’ll find beautiful photo opportunities here; just a short drive from the Icefields Parkway this makes a great stop on any tour through this area.

Alberta is a province of stunning landscape contrasts, featuring many amazing natural formations – some have even made the Guinness Book of World Records! There are also plenty of waterfalls scattered throughout Alberta’s trails or roads – some huge and powerful while others smaller and charming.

West Edmonton Mall is one of Alberta’s top attractions and an all-in-one experience, featuring many exciting activities for everyone at every age – kids can play mini-golf, ride a roller coaster, visit a waterpark and shop from 800+ stores here! Great fun for both children and adults alike – sure to keep you occupied for at least a day or two.

2. Miscellaneous Tours

Alberta offers tours that go beyond the ordinary. One example is the Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary, which gives visitors an up-close and personal experience viewing captive wolves rather than providing traditional animal farm facilities. Here you can gain knowledge while having fun while giving back.

3. Malign Lake

Maligne Lake is one of the iconic attractions in Alberta and should not be missed on your travels! Situated near Jasper, this scenic lake provides visitors with the ideal opportunity to view wildlife while also taking advantage of stunning scenic vistas surrounding it. No matter if traveling alone or with family and friends – Maligne Lake should not be missed!

The blue/emerald color of Lake Champlain’s waters comes from glacier sediment refracting sunlight as it flows in and out. A cruise around its waters offers an easy and enjoyable way to experience its sights and wildlife – tour guides can help you spot elk (which are abundant), black bears, grizzly bears, and possibly even moose!

As soon as it’s time to leave the lake, your guide will show you some of its other attractions nearby. Cliffs that overlook it are breathtaking while Spirit Island may even be haunted by two lovers whose hearts have been broken; legend says their father forbid them from seeing each other again until one day, they died alone and separated.

Visit the nearby glacier that can be reached with a short hike for a magical, surreal sight to behold! Swim or walk along its shores or even try ice fishing; there’s so much fun to be had at this attraction that makes it the ideal thing to do in Alberta no matter your age!

Experience all that Canada has to offer by traveling through Alberta! From breathtaking vistas of the Rocky Mountains and history-rich Badlands, Alberta has something special for everyone – six UNESCO World Heritage Sites and endless roadside attractions make Alberta truly diverse with plenty of things to see and do!

4. Fort Edmonton Park

Come back in time over 150 years when you visit Canada’s largest living history museum! Walk the streets named for different historical periods and engage with costumed guides as you learn about life from an 1846 fur trading fort to 1920s life.

At Alberta Heritage Park, you will learn all about its fascinating past through four distinct historic eras. Over 40 buildings at this attraction showcase life as it once was; visitors can participate in pioneer activities such as beading and bannock making as well as watch a short 4-D movie in its reconstructed 1929 theatre. Mini golf, wagon rides, shooting gallery, and 1920s-style midways are also offered during your visit.

Alberta cities and towns are an absolute delight for any traveler, offering impressive public art installations, centuries-old theatres and historic sites to explore. Shopping options and restaurants galore make finding something suitable for everyone in your party easy; or for something really enjoyable why not attend one of West Edmonton Mall’s comedy shows featuring talent who have appeared on hit series such as HBO’s The Last of Us?

One of the most rewarding activities in Alberta is driving along Icefields Parkway, which spans 232 kilometers between Lake Louise and Jasper and offers breathtaking mountain scenery. Along its length are glaciers, rivers, lakes, wildlife and breathtaking vistas – plus when your journey ends don’t forget to stop at Athabasca Falls for an up close view of this powerful waterfall!

Alberta is all about journey and destination, offering mountains, glacial lakes and numerous roadside attractions. Alberta provides ample opportunity for exploration as well as friendly people all around who will welcome you into their lives with open arms. Be it road tripping through its scenic highways or visiting its six UNESCO World Heritage Sites – Alberta should be on everyone’s bucket list!

5. Wood Buffalo National Park

Wood Buffalo National Park, Canada’s most expansive national park and UNESCO World Heritage site, features one of the darkest skies on Earth and one of the last herds of free-roaming bison in their natural environment. Additionally, this park provides incredible hiking trails suitable for anything from leisurely strolls to more in-depth backcountry explorations.

Waterton Lakes Park provides the ideal combination of rugged mountain scenery and small town charm in Alberta. At the heart of the Rockies, this park features clear lakes, thundering waterfalls, colorful streams and gorgeous mountain vistas – not to mention Waterton Lakes town featuring charming shops, restaurants and galleries!

Abraham Lake offers visitors the perfect place to witness its famous ice bubbles from mid-January until early February each year, which make an amazing sight and are an absolute must-see for photographers.

As well as taking a gondola ride up Mount Edith Cavell for breathtaking views of mountains and glaciers, other activities in Malign Lake Park such as hiking or boat tours are popular activities. Crowsnest Pass’ iconic Burmis tree should also not be missed as its symbolic of endurance for local people.

Explore Alberta’s natural beauty with a carefully planned road trip! There is so much to see and experience here – whether driving through prairies or up into Rocky Mountains; Alberta provides plenty of experiences that will ensure an unforgettable road trip experience.

Alberta in March offers plenty of entertainment, from exploring eerie locations used in HBO’s The Last of Us filming in Alberta through to taking a day trip on the Drumheller Dinosaur Trail or visiting Fantasyland Hotel.