The Best Physically Demanding Jobs for Travel Lovers

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Jobs involving international cooperation and non-government work tend to offer some of the greatest travel rewards. Employees in these sectors travel frequently and will see the world from an entirely unique viewpoint.

Yoga teacher is one of the more appealing travel careers due to its easy entry requirements, low costs and globally recognised qualification. Plus it’s flexible enough for frequent travelers.

1. Massage Therapist

Massage therapy involves manipulating soft tissues of the body to alleviate stress, alleviate pain, promote relaxation and wellbeing and alleviate tension. This process typically involves the application of pressure on muscles or joints by hand, foot, elbows or knees.

Swedish massage uses long, kneading strokes on the surface layers of muscles for relaxation and stimulation, whereas deep tissue massage focuses on deeper muscle layers and can be especially helpful for injury rehabilitation. Shiatsu uses varied pressure on acupressure points.

Becoming an effective massage therapist requires strong communication and client rapport skills as well as completion of a massage therapy program leading to licensure or certification.

2. Pet Sitter

Pet sitting can be one of the most rewarding travel jobs. Austin Andrews and Jori Kerr, two traveling couple who document their global adventure on TikTok, have spent much of their travels caring for the pets of different homes worldwide in exchange for accommodation.

Homes may provide food, toiletries and even access to a car for house-sitting guests in exchange for free housing. Just ensure you keep in close communication with your host in order to keep everything running smoothly while away. House-sitting websites like TrustedHousesitters and Nomador may have opportunities available as well.

3. Seasonal Farm Work

One of the best travel jobs for physically fit travelers is seasonal farm work. These part-time positions may only last several months or a year, but you will get free accommodation and food in exchange for your labor.

Dependent upon the farm, work could include picking-your-own/U-Pick farms where customer service skills are critical, harvesting jobs requiring physical strength and speed as well as production tasks that will demand your ability to be physically strong and fast. Farm jobs opportunities are available all over the world via sites like Wwoof or Coolworks.

4. Yoga Teacher

Yoga teaching has quickly become one of the most sought-after travel jobs, due to its ease of obtaining certification and global applicability. Yoga teachers typically work for studios where classes may take place either during the day or evening hours depending on demand.

Yoga teachers taking an itinerant approach often opt to organize retreats at various locations around the globe, which is an effective way of earning an income while travelling; however, this requires finding clients and planning each trip’s logistics with precision.

5. English Teacher

English teaching has quickly become one of the most sought-after travel careers, in part due to how easily certification can be acquired and the availability of various online teaching platforms. But it’s essential to remember the risks involved with this type of work.

Accent Advisor provides experienced American teachers to teach adult learners how to improve their American accent. Hourly rates typically fall within $15-25; booking rates can sometimes vary. In contrast, there’s also Tutoroo which hires both native and non-native speakers for 1:1 classes with adults.

6. International Aid Work

International aid work can be one of the most rewarding and engaging travel jobs available to travelers, offering invaluable opportunities for connection among fellow expats as well as witnessing different cultures first-hand. Furthermore, this career path provides ample chances to affect positive change.

As more unforeseeable crises such as natural disasters, outbreaks and breakdown of essential services like healthcare or infrastructure arise around the globe, humanitarian workers will become ever more essential. Their job requires dedication and long-term dedication to causes that demand their support.

7. Carrier or Delivery Person

Travel enthusiasts should find freelance delivery work particularly attractive as it allows them to combine stable employment with traveling opportunities. You will often work with customers located in another city or country and can either work from home or remotely; as the position typically requires only travel once or twice every month (you may even find such positions through websites like Grabr!). As an example, someone in Spain may require gazpacho that doesn’t exist in Brazil – for this job you would bring it over from Spain directly!