The Best Cheap Destinations For Solo Travelers

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Travel can seem expensive, but it can actually be far more affordable than you imagine. Here are 15 of the most cost-effective destinations for solo travelers.

Bulgaria is an ideal budget travel destination that combines old world history with vibrant modern cities. Enjoy delicious food and exciting activities at a fraction of the cost associated with other European cities.


Bangkok is an ideal choice for any traveler interested in experiencing vibrant street life and exploring a vibrant cultural heritage of a city, being less expensive than most Southeast Asian capitals and offering budget accommodations, delicious street food and convenient transport links.

Contrary to many cities, San Francisco is highly walkable, and visitors can access attractions quickly using its affordable public transit system. Day tours are also widely available if visitors wish to join one of the many tour groups available or connect with locals through Global Greeter Network meetups; such tours allow for the discovery of various sights for less than several dollars per person.

These destinations offer the ideal mix of affordability and captivating experiences, from Marrakech’s labyrinth of alleys, Budapest’s thermal baths or Denmark’s waterfront.


Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital city, should not be missed by solo travelers. Its centuries-old architecture and culture combine Southeast Asian, Chinese, and French influences in an array of centuries-old structures and beautiful culture. At its center lies Old Quarter; narrow streets arranged roughly by trade create chaos as you wander towards Bach Ma Temple or Ng Xuan Market among many other landmarks that must be visited here.

Backpacking Vietnam can be affordable; one-person accommodations costing only around $5 per night for hostel dorm accommodation or private Airbnb rental options are readily available if desired.

Bolivia is another inexpensive travel destination ideal for solo travellers, with dorm beds costing approximately 7 euros per night and tours being highly accessible and economical. Plus, its unique European culture makes for an unforgettable experience!

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico offers affordable Caribbean travel thanks to its US dollar currency and direct flights, and provides an opportunity for exploration through an array of activities and workshops.

Caribbean cuisine is an irresistibly vibrant medley of flavors. Sign up for a cooking class or meet like-minded travelers at cultural workshops to make the most of your travel dollars in Puerto Rico.

Surf Rincon, a sleepy town popular with both expats and locals alike, or kayak over to Gilligan’s Island (Cayo Aurora) near Guanica to experience real-life Gilligan. Shoppers will enjoy Plaza Las Americas for everything from fashion boutiques to phone kiosks; while Hacienda Buena Vista’s coffee farm will give them an authentic taste of history and culture alike.


An independent trip may seem intimidating, but it doesn’t need to break your wallet. By opting for budget accommodations and taking advantage of free or low-cost attractions and tours as well as public transportation services, a solo vacation doesn’t need to be costly or painful – you can create unforgettable experiences and create priceless memories all while staying on budget!

Poland stands as an invaluable geographic crossroads of Europe and enthralls visitors with stunning natural landscapes and historic sites, not to mention a vibrant culture and 15 UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Bratislava is an European gem, boasting charming cobblestone streets, majestic castles and even an UFO-themed bridge. An average cafe au lait costs less than $2.00 here!


Slovenia is an affordable European destination that boasts both natural beauty and cultural museums and galleries that make for an unparalleled travel experience. There are also affordable accommodations and dining options that cater to different preferences available here.

Hostels offer dormitory-style dorm rooms for just 6 euro’s per night, tours are relatively cheap, food and transportation are easily affordable and they provide safe and welcoming environments for solo travellers.

Barcelona offers everything a solo traveler could ever desire – stunning ocean views, iconic museums and sights, delicious food, incredible coffee shops and an easy and safe train system – not to mention numerous day trips that make this city one of the top budget travel destinations available today. All this makes Barcelona an excellent budget option for solo travelers!