Renting A Car In Dubai: Dos & Don’ts

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If you are heading to Dubai, you’ll most likely consider renting a car (obviously, a luxury one!). It’s convenient and … well, matches the vibe of the city. But if you’ve never rented a car before or have never rented it in Dubai, you’d better familiarize yourself with a few nuances.

5 Things You Should Do

1. Book in Advance

Dubai is a super busy place. People are moving around it day and night. That is, rental cars are always in high demand. Don’t wait until the last minute to book yours. If you book in advance, you’ll have more options. And you often get better deals, too. Plus, it’s just less stressful than last-minute bookings.

2. Check the Insurance

In Dubai or not, you always need insurance when renting a vehicle. Ask the rental company to clarify what the insurance covers. Does it include theft protection? What about damage to the car? Make a list of what can go wrong and ask about every minor case. Nothing embarrassing here.

3. Consider the Car Type

Choose the type of car thoughtfully (rather than intuitively). A small vehicle is perfect for city driving. An SUV, in turn, is better if you plan to explore the desert.

But of course, Dubai is primarily about glamor. To enjoy a truly luxurious experience, rent porsche macan dubai or a sleek sports car. Such cars make you feel good and look stylish.

4. Inspect the Car

When you rent a car you like a lot, you’re usually eager to drive off as soon as possible. Don’t. Inspect it thoroughly first. Look for any scratches, dents, or other damage. Take pictures or videos as evidence. This way, you have proof that the damage was there before you rented the car.

5. Understand the Traffic Rules

Dubai has strict traffic rules, and you must familiarize yourself with them. Speed limits are enforced with numerous cameras, and fines for violations can be steep. To prepare, read about

  • the basic rules of the road,
  • parking regulations,
  • what to do in case of an accident.

5 Things You Shouldn’t Do

1. Don’t Forget Your Documents

Always carry your essential documents (i.e., driver’s license, passport, rental agreement) with you. Don’t leave them in a rented car! In Dubai, you might need to show these documents to authorities anytime. You may encounter unnecessary complications or delays if you don’t have them.

2. Don’t Ignore the Fuel Policy

Different rental companies have different fuel policies. Some cars come with a full tank and you must return them full. Others may have different terms. Don’t be careless about those. Ask for all the details before driving.

3. Don’t Speed

Dubai has an extensive network of speed cameras. Fines for speeding are hefty. Stick to the speed limit at ALL times. This way, you’ll avoid fines. Plus, it’s just safer for you and other road users. Remember, speed limits can change quickly, especially in construction zones or school areas.

4. Don’t Rely on Public Parking

Public parking in Dubai can be challenging. Instead, use hotel parking or paid parking lots whenever possible. It will keep your car safe from fines and towing. And it’s often more convenient and secure (especially in busy areas!).

5. Don’t Drive Without a GPS

Dubai’s road system is pretty confusing, especially if you are unfamiliar with the city. Without a GPS, it’s easy to get lost. Use a reliable one or a navigation app on your phone. They can save you time and frustration.

Who Needs a Car in Dubai

  • Frequent Travelers

If you travel often, renting a car in Dubai can make your trips more convenient. You won’t have to rely on taxis or public transportation. You’ll go wherever (and whenever!) you want to.

  • Luxury Enthusiasts

For those who love to look and feel posh, renting high-end cars can enhance this experience. Driving a luxury car makes your trip feel 100% unique. 

  • Business Travelers

If you’re in Dubai for business, renting a car can save you a lot of time. You can move around the city and attend meetings without any hassle.

  • Adventure Seekers

A car is absolutely essential if you want to explore beyond the city. You can drive to the desert, visit the mountains, or explore other Emirates.


As you see, renting a car in Dubai is super easy. Especially now that you know what to do and what to avoid!