Essentials For Every Adventure

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No one sets off on an outdoor adventure intending to get lost, sunburnt or stranded. Therefore, having the appropriate gear is critical in avoiding such unfortunate mishaps and keeping you safe.

As every adventurer knows, essential equipment for an outdoor trip includes everything from reusable water bottles and compact first aid kits to space-saving backpacks – essential items which make any journey simpler – be it last-minute getaway or Kilimanjaro hiking!


Staying hydrated is crucial to enjoying and making the most of outdoor adventures. A hydration pack may be associated with running, but it can be an indispensable piece of gear on all types of adventures – it keeps water easily accessible while freeing your hands up for other important equipment.

On day hikes, it is wise to bring at least a one-liter or quart-size bottle. For longer hikes or camping excursions, hydration bladders provide continuous hydration while offering additional storage space. Water filters may also prove invaluable if traveling through remote regions.

If you prefer not carrying bottles, try packing moisture-rich fruits and vegetables like watermelon and cucumber to lighten your pack weight while adding flavor. Also don’t forget a functional adventure hat to shield both yourself and others from sunrays!


Sunscreen should always be worn when heading outdoors, no matter the season. UV rays from the sun can damage skin cells, increase pigmentation, accelerate signs of aging and lead to cancer; with sunscreen protecting against these adverse effects by blocking its rays and reducing inflammation.

Select a broad-spectrum sunscreen and bring along a hat designed to offer UV protection – such as a baseball cap with brim or Buff which doubles as headband to cover the face. As extra measures, sunglasses may also offer protection from UV light while lip balm can prevent sunburned lips.

If you’re traveling to a sunny destination, a waterproof shell is essential to keeping your gear dry – especially if hiking or camping outside is on your agenda.

Make sure to pack your waterproof shell at the bottom of your backpack, along with items that should remain dry such as sleeping bag, tent and stove/ cooking supplies. Next, pack essentials near the top such as toiletries, snacks, water, toilet paper, snacks for bear spray as well as miscellaneous items like rain jacket and bear spray in a smaller zippered pouch for easier access throughout the day. Also remember your first aid kit, rain jacket and extra cash as additional precaution.

Power Bank

Power banks are essential when traveling, providing electricity to devices like phones, cameras, GoPros, wireless headphones, tablets and GPS systems that use batteries for power. The best backpacking power banks store electrical energy to be used by battery-powered gadgets such as phones, cameras, GoPros, wireless headphones, tablets and GPS systems.

An ideal power bank should feature a high capacity, meaning it can charge multiple devices before needing recharging itself. Furthermore, its lightweight and compact form make it perfect for traveling in your backpack; and for use as flashlight or lantern use look out for features such as SOS flashing or brightness mode options.

Outdoor Tech’s FUEL+ Charger is an adventure-ready power bank, featuring SOS flashing capabilities, three LED lantern modes, and waterproof construction – everything you need in one compact package! It will charge your phone while offering SOS flashing services as well as being lightweight enough to carry in an everyday backpack or pocket.

GoalZero’s Yeti 1000 Core packs more power into a smaller form factor than most competitors, making it perfect for camping trips or adventures that require extended time away from civilization. Equipped with dual AC outlets and USB-A and C ports to charge devices simultaneously; fast charging support via an included USB-C cable; its ergonomic rounded edges and smooth plastic cover provide comfort during carry; it even comes equipped with its own convenient carrying pouch!


If you plan on engaging in outdoor activities at night, a headlamp or flashlight will prove indispensable in seeing where you’re going and avoiding unnecessary stumbles into bushes and trees that could injure your feet.

When purchasing a headlamp or flashlight, pay particular attention to lumens and beam distance. As more lumens equates to brighter illumination. Also look for one with both spot beam type and wide beam type options so you can have multiple lighting solutions available to you.

Rechargeable headlamps offer several advantages over alkaline batteries in terms of both cost savings and environmental impacts. Furthermore, lithium batteries offer greater lumen output with minimal degradation in cold temperatures.

Consider checking that the headlamp you purchase is waterproof by looking for either a “Y” or an “IP” rating on its package. “Y” refers to water resistance; spraying water or brief submersion will not damage it, while “IP” stands for ingress protection – meaning prolonged submersion without harm to bulb or internal parts of headlamp. A waterproof headlamp is essential when camping or hiking in inclement weather!


Money belts or wallets are an essential item when traveling outside a hotel with safe facilities, especially if you plan on taking cash, credit cards, ID, or travel documents with you. By keeping these safe inside a small pouch that fits beneath clothing you reduce the chances of pickpocketing attacks occurring against you.

If the idea of wearing a money belt doesn’t sit comfortably with you, there are numerous alternatives. Travel pants equipped with secure pockets could also work; otherwise there’s the FlipBelt which has several simple stash pockets and key attachment. Furthermore, this lightweight fitted waistband also comes equipped with zipper pockets and locks for additional security.

Another option for waterproof money belts with RFID blocking capabilities and sleeves to protect passports and cards when traveling is this waterproof version, featuring RFID sleeves to add double protection of travel documents. While more costly than others on this list, this waterproof money belt comes equipped with theft insurance as well as ReturnMe decals so lost items can quickly return home; plus it comes in two colors making concealment easy under clothing. You could also try out this neck wallet which features two secure pockets and lock for optimal wear around neck or shoulder.

Travel Locks

Keep your suitcase or backpack secure with a lock to avoid thieves swiping it from you during transit and keep your possessions safe! With various options to choose from, there is sure to be one perfect for your journey!

One of the most sought-after options from Forge is this TSA-approved combination cable lock set of four. Each lock features thick braided steel cables with tightly braided sheathing to withstand rough baggage handling, plus an intuitive three-digit combination mechanism and universal backup keys in case any originals go missing.

Briggs & Riley also offers a Yellow TSA-approved luggage lock that offers both convenience and security features. Its bright yellow hue helps quickly spot your bag on luggage carousels while its subtle open indicator alerts you if any agent has attempted to open or tamper with it, offering added peace of mind during travel.

Your research on activity-specific trips, tech-friendly organizers and advanced packing hacks have given you insight into specialized cases for those trips, tech pockets and tangle-free interiors are great; but perhaps your most underappreciated tool for travel could be your travel bag itself! An exceptional travel bag provides the ideal companion for every adventure – with zip out tech pockets or both features included!