Top 5 iPhone Apps You Must Have

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As an iPhone owner, you should probably install at least some essential apps – they provide essential features and make life simpler!

Things is an exceptional task manager with an intuitive user interface designed to take full advantage of iOS capabilities. It stands as an exemplar of its compatibility with Apple technologies like Handoff, Siri Shortcuts, dynamic Notifications, home screen widgets and 3D Touch – as well as being accessible for older generations of iOS.

1. Finch

Finch is a self care app designed to encourage positive habits through virtual support and features such as daily journaling prompts, goals, breathing exercises, yoga and stretching routines, motivational quotes, mood trackers and quizzes.

Finch stands out from similar habit tracking apps by not constantly prompting users to upgrade to paid subscription plans, and by offering customizable settings so certain prompts or tags don’t disturb users.

Finch will become more robust as users complete built-in tasks such as daily journaling prompts, goal setting exercises, meditation breathing exercises quizzes reading inspirational quotes etc. In addition, this app features a handy home screen widget so users can monitor their bird without opening up the app!

2. Bear

Bear is one of the best note-taking apps, offering an engaging, distraction-free user interface and support for Markdown syntax. Teachers and students can use it easily for shopping lists, notes to self, poetry, diary entries, stories research projects and much more!

This app also offers tags and note links to keep writing organized, while 3D Touch on an iPhone provides access to quick actions menus for new notes, to-do items, searches, etc. Plus it supports encrypted note files, themes, and beautiful typography!

Shiny Frog only supports iOS and macOS platforms; however, their support page offers answers to frequently asked questions as well as email support if needed. iCloud sync is fast, automatic, and secure – adding another bonus feature!

3. Libby

Overdrive’s Libby app makes the library experience enjoyable for readers in an engaging, user-friendly format. Browse a vast selection of books that can be streamed or downloaded for offline reading – search easily using interest tags, series titles or genre.

Users can join multiple libraries into one account to increase the variety of available titles. They can also set loans to return automatically on their due dates.

Libby offers comprehensive reading features, from adjustable font sizes and lighting settings, to lighting effects and layout selection. Users can also utilize its dictionary feature to define unfamiliar words or phrases while reading. Furthermore, users can bookmark passages or highlight passages while audiobooks can easily be paused, moved backwards or forwards and even speed adjusted for playback.

4. Star Walk

Star Walk from Vito Technology is an intuitive astronomy app with game-like controls and customizable settings, perfect for new stargazers as well as those seeking comprehensive night sky guidance.

This free app uses your device’s camera to track and display constellations and celestial objects in real time, with a Time Machine feature letting you explore sky at different dates and times. A subscription adds ad removal as well as access to an event calendar detailing upcoming celestial events.

This app features a soothing audio track that can be turned off if desired, making it simple and user-friendly. Track planet movements, identify stars and objects and even watch child-friendly space cartoons!

5. Super Hexagon

Super Hexagon, Terry Cavanagh’s latest indie rhythm game (and successor to VVVVV), is hard to describe; its sheer difficulty makes it almost incomprehensible. You’re tested on reflexes, reaction speed and memorization as each small victory serves as a source of pride as you advance through its endless grid of geometric shapes.

Apple Store users can get it for $2.99; simply swipe right from the Stores tab to reveal a carousel and tap “Redeem” to download and install on your device. When finished, access it in Purchased tab after signing into Apple ID; iOS 6.1 or later is required to play this game.