How to Start Coding

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Coding is a highly sought-after skill in the technology sector. Unfortunately, however, many novices attempt to start coding without first creating an action plan – often leading to unnecessary confusion and frustration.

Starting off can be daunting, so finding a mentor and joining online communities like Reddit’s /r/learnprogramming or Stack Overflow may be beneficial in offering support and advice when needed.


HTML is a programming language designed to allow web page designers to build web pages easily and intuitively. Anyone wanting to launch their own website can utilize HTML’s intuitive nature; its many capabilities allow for headings, images and hyperlinks as well as creating tables and forms – just to name a few!

Every line of HTML code is known as an element. Each element consists of an opening tag, content, and closing tag; there are some tags which only require opening tags – like br> for line breaks or img> to add images.

Starting HTML can be daunting, but perseverance is essential for learning it correctly. Joining a web developer community like Stack Overflow or GitHub and seeking answers may be beneficial as well as trying an online HTML editor like W3schools’ Tryit Editor tool may also prove beneficial in your quest to master HTML.


CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a set of rules that help shape how web pages appear on their respective servers, including fonts, colors and content layout.

CSS code should be placed between style> and /style> tags in an HTML document’s header, where you can either create an external style sheet or embed your CSS directly within its file. While both approaches offer flexibility and efficiency in workflow management, using an external style sheet allows you to reuse styling across multiple documents quickly while improving workflow efficiency.

To successfully use CSS, it’s essential that you grasp its syntax. Key components of any CSS document include selectors, properties and values – for instance if you wish to change the color of a paragraph you would specify this in its class section of your CSS file. Adding media queries allows you to format presentations across all screen sizes like tablets desktops mobiles.


JavaScript is a programming language that gives HTML and CSS life, enabling developers to update web pages to make them more responsive and interactive for users. Furthermore, it is often utilized in mobile and browser-based games as well.

As you begin coding, an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) program may prove extremely useful. These specialized applications were specifically created for writing code and can make the process faster while making your code more readable by indenting lines that nested inside other lines.

Learn JavaScript online with videos and tutorials; however, experience building projects is the key to truly grasping the concepts being covered. Attending tech meetups or conferences may also provide great networking opportunities and insight into new developments in technology.


Python is an extremely versatile programming language with various applications. With features designed to make learning the language easy for beginners, and a large developer community who create code snippets, libraries, and frameworks that save time when developing applications using it – Python offers something for every occasion!

Python is an ideal programming language for newcomers because of its user-friendly syntax, similar to English. Newcomers should find Python easy to grasp and memorize; moreover, its system-independence means it doesn’t rely on specific software in order to run.

As soon as you’re ready to begin programming in Python, it is crucial that you select an editor compatible with Python. While simple editors like notepad or TextEdit for Windows/Mac will do, more advanced editors exist that come equipped with an integrated development environment (IDE). Many IDEs even warn when your code violates Python grammar rules – making them very helpful when starting out! Upon choosing an editor compatible with this programming language and language. In addition, familiarizing yourself with UNIX terminal where code will be written.