5 Signs That Your Company Is Ready For SAP/ERP

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Standing for Systems, Applications and Products in data processing, SAP technology has become essential for larger companies that wish to streamline their operations and functionalities into a unified solution. Basically, SAP is a particularly useful ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) tool for companies on the rise. For many businesspeople, however, the question remains: if you have a thriving company, when is the right time to invest in ERP? To that end, here are five telltale signs that suggest your enterprise might just be ready to take this big leap:

You employ lots of different software tools for many different processes

Whenever a company starts growing, the need to automatize certain processes arises. This usually translates into the adoption of various software programs that are designed to make everyone’s life easier. However, things start getting out of hand when dozens of programs are used in different departments, and processes actually start slowing down as a result.

Accounting tends to become harder and harder

In the beginning, accounting usually is a straightforward way of managing your financial information. As your company grows, however, all the various spreadsheets that you use to collate your different accounts will become ever more complex. This greatly increases the odds of mistakes happening, and of your accountants becoming disenchanted with their workload.

You spend most of your resources on the IT department

In this day and age, no self-respecting company can ignore the importance of IT in running its business. That being said, if you already expend a great deal of energy in trying to make things work, but cracks such as security issues still show up on a regular basis, it’s definitely time for a change. First off, employ a team of dedicated Canadian cyber lawyers that can help your resolve your problems quickly, then consider opting for ERP software to safeguard you from such issues down the line.

You don’t have easy access to all your business info

If you’re in a competitive niche like the automotive industry, you know just how important it is to have easy access to all the important data pertaining to your company, including sales, orders, inventories and shipping information. After all, having to conduct complex calculations just to determine something as simple as your sales margin will inevitably drag your company down in the long run.

You’re ready for a change

At some point, every fast-growing company has to come to terms with the fact that it is no longer a small enterprise. The need for more strongly-defined work procedures and processes arises, without which the whole thing threatens to descend into chaos. It is at this exact point that making a change such as introducing ERP software can really be the difference-maker. Whether it’s on-premise ERP or cloud ERP, the simple fact is that you can use this modern technology to get everything in order before it’s too late.

And so we’ve come to the end of our quick guide on how to recognize if your company is ready to invest in an ERP system. If your situation is similar to what’s described above, chances are that you might benefit immensely from integrating SAP/ERP technology into your workflow.