Inspiring Stories of BulletBall Players

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Bullet Ball is an exhilarating combination of skill and strategy, demanding split-second decision making and agile movements. Wheelchair friendly, this wheelchair friendly game fosters teamwork while honing strategic thinking skills and leadership qualities.

Marc Griffin’s story as The BulletBall Guy provides us with inspiration to pursue our own dreams with perseverance. His determination in following his vision became an international meme.

Marc K. Griffin (The BulletBall Guy)

Marc K. Griffin has become internationally renowned as the ‘BulletBall Guy’ – an internet meme representing his perseverance and pursuit of dreams even after suffering defeat – yet what really stands out about his story is how much dedication to BulletBall he has shown over time, turning it into an inclusive sport and shaping its future in such a profound manner.

BulletBall is a table game similar to table tennis that utilizes your arms instead of paddles for play on a circular table with guardrails rather than being rectangular in nature. It’s both physically and mentally demanding; its inventor, featured on American Inventor (not Shark Tank), once sold his car, house, and wife’s wedding band to keep his game afloat!