Bronny James Debuts for the Lakers

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Scored four points with two rebounds and two assists​ іn​ 22 minutes​ оf action​ іn​ a 108-94 loss​ tо Sacramento

Bronny James, the son​ оf one​ оf the greatest basketball players​ оf all time, LeBron James, made his NBA Summer League debut for the​ LA Lakers.​ In​ a 108-94 loss​ tо the Sacramento Kings,​ he played​ 22 minutes and scored four points, grabbed two rebounds, dished out two assists, and had one steal.

“The King’s” heir apparent was not particularly efficient from the field, shooting 2-for-9, but​ he scored his first points​ оn​ a driving layup.

“The atmosphere was great,​ I didn’t expect this.​ It was​ a big game for me, but​ I couldn’t even imagine that Golden State fans would come out and support me. Very nice​ оf them,” Bronny said after his debut game​ іn San Francisco.

He was selected with the 55th overall pick​ іn the second round​ оf this year’s draft and will have the opportunity​ tо play alongside his father​ іn the world’s best league next season. This was also his first game​ іn four months.

“He just needs​ tо keep learning, keep working, keep repeating and understanding how capable​ he is.​ He just needs​ tо instill confidence​ іn himself,” Lakers affiliate coach Deon Johnson said​ оf Bronny.

For comparison’s sake, LeBron scored​ 14 points, grabbed seven rebounds, and dished out six assists​ іn his first Summer League game, back​ іn 2003 with the Cleveland Cavaliers.