Ways to Get Car Keys Out of a Locked Vehicle Safely

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One way to avoid being locked out of your car is to have a spare key handy – one could be kept in a pocket or purse, or in one of those magnetic boxes that stick directly underneath its metal frame.

An alternative option would be to use household items, such as a Slim Jim or bent coat hanger, to form an effective wedge between windows or doorframes and windows or doorframes. Sandpaper placed along its crease makes gripping easier.

Inflatable Wedges

Inflatable wedge kits are available for this purpose and may prove invaluable in older cars that still use manual lock mechanisms. These devices fit between the door frame and latch so you can gain access to the keyhole easily, and can be found at auto parts stores or big-box retailers specializing in general merchandise. Plus, their easy use won’t scratch your paint!

At times of stress such as being locked out of your vehicle, it may be hard to think clearly and remain calm. A panicked approach will only compound the problem further while providing criminals with an opportunity to break in or steal your car. If a shoestring, wire hanger, or inflatable wedge does not work to open your vehicle and retrieve your keys without damage being done to it, call a locksmith as they should be able to unlock and open your car without leaving permanent marks on your car’s interior or exterior.

Stow a spare key in your wallet, purse or mystery box near the car to avoid being locked out in future. Downloading the Toyota app allows you to remotely unlock and locate your vehicle as well as request roadside assistance; simply link both accounts at dealership when purchasing automobile.

Be mindful when leaving your keys inside of the car; it is a very common error that is easily remedied if precautions are taken to prevent it. Make a habit out of checking for keys every time you exit your vehicle to prevent this scenario and form good habits that will prevent accidental lockout in future.

Many have found that using everyday items to gain entry back into their vehicle can be effective. You don’t necessarily require all the materials listed here, though certain ones may prove more practical than others; nonetheless, having some such supplies available should this situation arise ever.

Wooden Wedges

Locking yourself out of your own car can be extremely distressful, especially without anyone to turn to for assistance. While calling roadside assistance or professional locksmiths might provide immediate solutions, waiting times for their services could become lengthy and the costs associated with their service could quickly add up. Luckily, there are some simple methods you can employ without much specialized equipment for extracting your keys from the vehicle.

Wooden wedges are an easy and cost-effective way to unlock vehicles, and are available from numerous retailers. Used properly, these devices create enough of a gap between the door and its frame for you to insert a long rod into it to manipulate its lock pin without risking damaging your car in the process. Plus, these tools can easily be purchased online or from stores that sell automotive equipment!

Use a tennis ball as an unconventional wedge. Striking the center of it with something heavy will cause its expansion and push against the lock mechanism to enable retrieval of keys from within it. However, this method should not be employed if your door features keyholes as this could damage them in addition to keying away keys from within them.

Straighten out a wire coat hanger as a simple solution to unlocking your vehicle keys quickly. These items are readily available at laundromats or dry cleaners; alternatively you could also use sturdy plastic strips if these options are unavailable to you. Just be sure to wear gloves and use pliers when working with such sharp objects!

One final DIY hack to try when locked out of your car is using a blood pressure cuff. Many health care professionals keep these handy in their emergency kits and you should be able to find one nearby at either a hospital or discount store that sells medical supplies. Please be aware that this method won’t work with vehicles that feature keyless entry technology as these employ different locking mechanisms.


Shoelaces can be an easy, cost-effective and safe way to retrieve car keys from locked vehicles. No additional materials or time is needed – although you will require enough thread and cordage to make this method work successfully on cars with post locks that you can pull up or down for safe entry and exit.

First and foremost, make sure you are actually locked out of your car before beginning. Double-checking can prevent further unnecessary changes to the locks that could potentially harm them and save yourself from trying to gain entry by brute force or breaking in through windows or other means.

If you know you are locked out, take a quick glance around the interior of the car to check if there is an open window; perhaps this will allow you to gain entry without using any other methods.

Straightening a wire coat hanger is an age-old trick for opening locked cars with manual locks, but this won’t work on more modern models. Laundromats or dry cleaners may offer similar services that could serve the same function; long pieces of wire or metal might work too – it just depends on what works for you!

Once you’ve secured the appropriate tool, place it between the window and door frame and work towards the lock mechanism using a slip knot tied around your tool and pulling on it to open it. As this can be quite a difficult process, please take your time and be careful not to damage either the glass or lock your key inside your car!

An easy way to avoid getting locked out of your car is keeping a spare key accessible and easily stowaway somewhere discreet – such as your pocket or purse – this way avoiding costly roadside assistance or locksmith costs as well as being left vulnerable and exposed. A magnetic box could store one safely underneath your car; or simply leave one with someone you trust who could come quickly to help should an incident arise.

Stash a Spare Key

Once again, returning home and realizing you have locked your keys inside can be an unfortunate jolt to the nerves. Luckily, there are various methods you can try in order to unlock your vehicle safely; among these include roadside assistance or professional automobile locksmiths – although these latter two solutions might cost more money but may provide quicker solutions.

Avoiding being locked out of your vehicle by keeping a spare key somewhere secure is simple; but finding an ideal spot can be challenging. Make sure it remains out of sight from others but easy for emergency access; additionally it must withstand rough weather conditions and environmental elements.

Many people try hiding their spare key in their glove box, which may not be an ideal place as thieves could quickly access it. Other places for safe storage of a spare key may include magnetic car key holders or mini vaults which can be secured to the underside of your vehicle or kept hidden within an empty compartment beneath its dashboard. Another alternative would be giving your key away to someone you trust; though this method might not be convenient when away from home.

Modern vehicles feature keyless entry systems that allow drivers to unlock their car with a mobile app – Toyota offers one such app which enables users to lock and unlock doors, locate vehicles, receive recall notifications and much more! If you’re considering purchasing one soon, make sure the app is installed prior to driving away to prevent future lockouts from occurring.

No matter which method you use to retrieve lost keys, safety should always come first. Improper techniques or tools could damage your car. To ensure the best experience when retrieving car keys from locked vehicles safely. No matter your chosen method of retrieval, be aware that neglect could result in costly repairs and even further destruction.