Top 5 Cheapest Countries to Live in the World

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Are you considering moving abroad for work or retirement? Bulgaria boasts an energetic nightlife scene, Mexico has beautiful beaches, and Vietnam provides affordable living costs, making these countries among the best options in terms of affordability.

Cost alone should not be your sole factor when planning to move abroad: visas, language barriers and safety should also be taken into consideration. National Background Check Inc can assist in helping to overcome these hurdles.

1. Philippines

Philippines are an ideal travel destination for those seeking an authentic Asian experience at an economical cost of living. Manila serves as its beating heart, offering a vibrant mix of Oriental, Occidental and modern cultures – including its iconic landmarks such as Manila Cathedral and Intramuros, an 18th-century walled citadel – while other highlights of interest in this archipelago include Boracay’s white beaches.

Philippines stands out among a global landscape offering both high levels of safety and an affordable standard of living, making it a prime location for expats looking for comfortable life on a tight budget. A single person requires around $1,000 a month in living costs in this nation that ranks highly on World Justice Project’s Rule of Law Index.

Philippines tourism boasts world-class cuisine, beautiful islands and beaches to provide ample adventure and relaxation opportunities at a reasonable cost. Additionally, visitors will experience its warm people and vibrant lifestyle.

Turkey, Bulgaria, Slovenia and the Czech Republic in Europe; Chile Peru Bolivia in South America are other affordable options for expats looking to live an inexpensive lifestyle abroad. A person living an average lifestyle would need around $1.040 monthly in these countries.

Tunisia may offer expats a cost-effective option to live abroad, but due to poor education and healthcare quality and political insecurity, Tunisia should not be recommended as an expat destination. Furthermore, its low ranking on Estes Weighted Index of Social Progress serves as a deterrent; Estes measures how well countries fare overall when considering access to health care, income security, employment opportunities, environmental sustainability and politics among other indicators of overall well-being.

2. India

India may not be as expensive as some of its neighboring countries, but Westerners still find India to be an incredible bargain. A one-bedroom apartment can be had for well under $300 in Delhi’s capital city; grocery bills and restaurant meals cost significantly less than elsewhere; plus there’s always the opportunity to learn about India’s fascinating culture! It makes India an excellent choice for exploring Indian history.

Thailand is a top travel destination, offering affordable options from bustling Bangkok streets to breathtaking beaches and countryside. Additionally, Thailand provides students with an opportunity to work abroad while learning about culture and language simultaneously.

Ecuador is another Latin American country that draws in expats with its lush jungles, tropical beaches, and friendly locals. Additionally, living there can be quite affordable; many home team airlines and budget carriers offer deals when flying into Ecuador from the USA.

Egypt may not be one of the safest places, but it ranks high on several lists for its low cost of living and recent stability after both Arab Spring and military takeover. With per capita GDP over $10,000 and years of stability since these events, Egypt should prove attractive to potential immigrants looking for affordable places to call home.

South Korea may not be as cheap as some of the other destinations on this list, but it remains an excellent way to save money and experience Asian culture simultaneously. Teaching English here is a popular option and salaries are competitive; additionally it boasts stunning architecture, diverse cuisine and welcoming culture; however the language barrier may make socializing with locals difficult at first. To overcome this difficulty there are various online communities dedicated to connecting travelers and workers together.

3. Thailand

Thailand stands out as an incredible value, being one of the cheapest countries to live in worldwide. Even big city Bangkok can be affordable when compared to Los Angeles; beach communities in the south cost considerably less. And don’t forget its delicious cuisine and excellent health care; all offered for such an economical cost!

Hungary may not suffer from the same “stupid money” issues as Turkey, but it still remains one of Europe’s cheapest places to live. You can get an affordable apartment and live comfortably for less than $1,500 each month.

Albania may not have the reputation of other top travel destinations, but this stunning country offers warm climate, stunning mountains, and long Mediterranean coast – not to mention being extremely affordable and easy to travel in! Join a Worldpackers host family or complete volunteer placement for free work-travel adventures!

Mexico may no longer be as cheap, but you can still find great bargains there. Flying from the US at a reasonable cost makes getting there simple; and there are numerous opportunities to experience its culture without spending a fortune.

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4. Vietnam

Vietnam has quickly become an appealing country to live in due to its stunning natural beauty, low cost of living costs and welcoming culture. Teaching English in Vietnam is a popular way of making money while simultaneously getting to know locals and experiencing life abroad.

According to GOBankingRates, Vietnam offers living costs one third to a quarter less than those in the United States. Studios apartments in Ho Chi Minh City typically range between $250-$400 monthly; restaurant meals cost about $6 each while transportation expenses such as renting a motorbike will cost $50-$70 monthly while utilities such as electricity, internet and water may come to $150 monthly total.

Vietnam stands out among other low-cost nations by virtue of its peace and stability. Vietnam has experienced years of relative tranquillity with a GPI score above 2, compared to 1 for Pakistan and Turkey respectively.

District 2, with Thao Dien and An Phu as its focus, is an attractive family-friendly environment and home to numerous international schools. Furthermore, this area boasts high-end apartments and villas at reasonable prices – some even come equipped with pools!

If you are considering moving abroad to work, be sure to complete your due diligence first. Explore all available salaries and benefits as well as factors that might help determine if this move is the best fit, such as weather, cuisine and safety considerations.

5. Malaysia

Millions of people are taking the leap to live abroad with lower living costs, either permanently migrating and retiring somewhere or traveling the globe as digital nomads. Their motivations may range from cheaper housing and food costs, better weather, friendlier locals, stunning scenery or immersing in another culture – to name but a few.

South Korea is an attractive option, offering affordable apartments and restaurants as well as modern cities that rival those found in Western Europe or North America. Teaching English here can also be seen as a lucrative career choice with highly competitive salaries for teachers of English.

Romania is another delightful surprise, boasting astonishingly low costs for rent, food, beverages and international flights for home visits. Couples could easily make $2K a month here while still maintaining an acceptable standard of living due to a relatively stable currency environment.

Malaysia is often overlooked when traveling nomads consider Asia. With warm climate and lots of nature and beaches as well as modern conveniences in cities like Kuala Lumpur, this Southeast Asian nation also stands out as an amazing food paradise combining Malay, Chinese and Indian cuisine for an authentic culinary experience.

Note that cheaper doesn’t automatically equate to better when it comes to quality of life; here, the top 5 countries have decent living standards in terms of safety, healthcare and education as well as reasonable prices. There are of course other options as well; often cheaper countries can be safer than their more affluent counterparts too; Albania may be an appealing option due to its proximity to Greece and Italy while still offering an affordable lifestyle – ideal for Americans travelling on passport.