Top 10 Countries With the Most Attractive People

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Beauty may be subjective, but certain countries boast an abundance of beautiful people living within their borders. Here are 10 such countries:

South American nation Argentina has brought world renowned beauties like Gisele Bundchen and Adriana Lima into our midst, their women possessing exotic features that leave men stunned in awe.

1. India

Pour Moi has released their ranking of the most attractive nations and found India at the top. Their study collected data from thousands of Reddit posts which used terms like attractive, sexy, beautiful, handsome or pretty in association with any given nation.

Pour Moi suggested that India’s dominance could be linked to its successful Bollywood movie scene, where actors with international fame and huge followings have made themselves at home on film sets across India.

Brazil was second on the list, followed by Ukraine (in fourth) and Japan in fifth. The UK narrowly missed making the top 10, placing 12th among men according to research conducted by this company; their research indicated that British people are perceived as among the most attractive worldwide due to Bollywood starlets like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan or Salman Khan and their strong family values – factors which may contribute.

2. Japan

Japan is widely celebrated for the beauty of its women, boasting many world-renowned models and actresses who embody Japanese standards for beauty – flawless skin, petite figures and skinny legs are considered ideal features; long eyelashes complete the package and exude gentle personality traits.

Shino Matsuda is an outstanding female surfer who has won multiple titles and become widely popular for her sensuous bikini images. Her wheat-colored complexion and double eyelids particularly attract fans.

India ranks second among men’s category teams in India’s men’s tournament, followed by Sweden and Japan; UK just misses a top 10 finish but does come 12th overall. Due to distance and cost considerations, traveling to Japan from Europe or America can be prohibitively expensive; therefore the country should aim at attracting wealthy Asian tourists rather than American or European ones for tourism purposes. Japan should also do more to promote their culture and language to foreigners.

3. Sweden

Sweden is home to many beautiful, tall blonde blue-eyed women – their beauty can be seen when cheering for their national football team and on magazine pages and Instagram accounts alike.

Sweden is well known for their female independence and willingness to defy tradition – as evidenced by Crown Princess Victoria’s 2010 marriage to an ordinary person. Furthermore, Swedish women prioritize balance and equality in their lives.

Unsurprisingly, while British men top the list of world’s most attractive people, Swedish women come in third on this list. Perhaps this can be explained by Sweden being such an outdoorsy and sunny country that encourages its citizens to remain fit – thus leading them to look even better than before!

4. France

Swimwear brand Pour Moi conducted a study that ranks France as having the fourth-most attractive population, according to Reddit posts referring to attractiveness (‘attractiveness’,’sexyness’, beauty (beauty), handsomeness (handsomeness), attractiveness and good looks, including which country these posts originated from; AI image generation tool Midjourney was then used to score countries.

Ethiopian women are widely celebrated for their beauty; biblical Queen Sheba was from this African nation. Venezuela often appears near the top of lists while Brazil boasts supermodels Gisele Bundchen and Adriana Lima as beautiful role models. Colombia also stands out with its sun-kissed charm.

5. Italy

Italy is an eye-catching land filled with breathtaking coastlines, picturesque seaside towns and delectable food. Italian women are famous for their elegance; many possessing an advanced sense of style developed over centuries. Italians also appreciate luxury highly; believing that small details add up to create beautiful appearances.

Sweden, India, USA and Italy made up the top five most attractive nations for men. The United Kingdom came in at 12th on this list – perhaps due to its many attractive actors and musicians like Harry Styles, Idris Elba and Tom Hardy making headlines with their good looks? Additionally, Britain boasts breathtaking landscapes like its rolling English countryside or picturesque cities like London that make this nation truly attractive.

6. Ukraine

Big 7 Travel conducted a survey to identify which country boasts the world’s sexiest citizens and Ukraine was named top of this list by far. Home of celebrities Mila Kunis and Olga Kurylenko, this Eastern European nation outshone Denmark and Philippines on its way to securing first place among these lists of world sexiest people.

Ruslana, winner of Eurovision Song Contest 2004 and iconic singer from Soviet Union, hails from Ukraine and her beauty and talent have cemented her place among most well-known female Ukrainian artists.

Daria Bilodid is an international-class judoka and role model for young Ukrainian women. Her unique sense of style has garnered her the attention of major fashion magazines. Additionally, Daria works to help displaced Ukrainians establish new careers in IT through Diia Digital Education foundation.

7. Denmark

People from Denmark are widely considered beautiful. Their beauty standard prioritizes natural features over artificial ones and they live an active and healthy lifestyle that manifests itself through lean and slender physiques, blonde locks, and inviting eyes.

Other European countries also made the list, such as France with its mesmerizing eyes and silky locks; Spain boasted sensuous ladies; while representatives from Middle Eastern nations such as Mia Wasikowska and Emily Browning displayed stunning looks that make their Middle Eastern representatives alluring. Furthermore, four South American countries provided plenty of beauty that everyone envied – something Nordic women were no strangers to doing themselves!

8. Canada

Women from this North American country are famed for their slim waists, long locks and graceful shoulders – as well as for taking excellent care in maintaining an extensive skincare routine.

Spain is famed for its stunning people, known for their chiseled features and olive-dark skin tone, not to mention their mesmerizing eyes that can leave anyone speechless.

Are You Searching for Your Future Soul Mate in These Countries? (Just as Beauty Is in the Eye of the Beholder!?) View the complete list below based on Reddit posts that referenced attractive, sexy, beautiful, gorgeous, good looking or pretty along with data generated using Midjourney’s AI image-generation tool and this list was commissioned by Pour Moi.

9. Australia

Australia may be known for its beautiful beaches, marine reserves, Indigenous culture and cute kangaroos; but another drawcard to Australia lies within its people: attractive people. A study conducted by swimwear brand Pour Moi found that Australians were considered among the world’s most attractive nationalities – followed closely by Sweden and Canada.

Sweden may come as no surprise in terms of attractiveness rankings, with its abundance of iconically beautiful women like Mia Wasikowska and Emily Browning among its ranks. But the other countries in the top ten – France (seventh), Italy (eighth), and Ukraine (ninth) all ranked highly as well.

The UK also made our top ten, which may be attributed to its abundance of musicians and actors like Harry Styles and Idris Elba who you may recognize from films or music videos. Click through for the complete list, but remember: beauty lies in the eye of the beholder!

10. Scandinavia

Scandinavia is known for its tall population and both men and women are considered beautiful. Scandinavian ladies are very active outdoor sporting enthusiasts who tend to sport distinctive a nous, often upturned at the end, which make them look very endearing and also possess jawlines which may be defined or prominent.

Model Elsa Hosk, actress Malin Akerman and singer Tove Lo are just three stunning women from this region who have all become successful professionals. Summer in Scandinavia – particularly July and August – offers visitors plenty of time for sightseeing excursions as cities bustle while nature shines under the sunlight; long days allow more sightseeing activities; it is also popular time for Midsummer celebrations!