Tommyinnit Net Worth 2024 – How Rich Is The Teenage Sensation?

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Thomas Simons, also known by his online name of Tommyinnit, is an English YouTuber and Twitch streamer best known for his Minecraft-related videos and live streams; often in collaboration with other Minecraft content creators.

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Tommyinnit (Born Thomas Simons), is an English YouTube vlogger and Twitch streamer who has experienced incredible success within the gaming community. Over his seven YouTube channels he has amassed more than 25 million subscribers, becoming one of the most renowned Minecraft content creators globally. Simons also makes considerable profits through his merch store selling posters and T-shirts with his brand name on them.

Simons also makes money through Twitch live streams, earning additional income that isn’t split with Google like YouTube ads do. Top Twitch streamers can keep most of the subscription fees and donations.

Simons also makes a significant income from his merch store, selling items such as posters, shirts and phone cases with his brand. Furthermore, events and collaborations provide additional income; Simons could potentially join other business ventures in order to increase his net worth further in future ventures.

Estimates on Tommyinnit’s total net worth vary considerably, with some sources suggesting a figure between $4 million and $14 million. A figure in the middle seems more likely considering his impressive YouTube and Twitch earnings as well as diverse income sources; YouTube advertising revenue makes up a substantial part of his annual and monthly earnings.


Thomas Simons, more popularly known by his YouTube and Twitch handles Tommyinnit is an established British gamer and one of the most recognizable faces on social media. His engaging style and unique approach to gaming have drawn millions of followers onto his YouTube channels and Twitch streams.

Content creator Ryan Hickey first launched his channel in 2014 and since has amassed an enormous following across both platforms. While most of his uploads feature Minecraft gameplay videos, he also shares videos showing himself playing other popular titles such as PUBG and Five Nights at Freddy’s.

Tommyinnit’s primary source of revenue comes from YouTube ad revenue, which can generate several thousand dollars daily. Additionally, he makes money from Twitch streaming as well as his merch store and other ventures online.

Tommyinnit is often approached by brands seeking to reach younger audiences through sponsorship deals that go unrecognized, but these sponsorship agreements can add significantly to his earnings.

Late 2022, a teenager uploaded a YouTube video to his primary channel announcing he had found love with someone residing in Brighton, England; although no further details about their relationship were disclosed by him. Although no wedding plans had been discussed as of yet.


Thomas Simons, better known by his online handle “Tommyinnit,” has gained much notoriety as an English YouTube and Twitch streamer with Minecraft-related videos that has amassed an extensive following on both platforms and collaborated with other established content creators such as Wilbur Soot and Technoblade. Additionally, his gaming content earned him recognition in the Guinness Book of Records as being among those with highest concurrent viewer livestream on Twitch!

Tommyinnit’s earnings primarily stem from YouTube advertising revenue, which can produce significant sums per video. Additionally, he makes money through other YouTube channels and a merchandise store; thus generating well over $2 Million annually through these activities alone.

He has also participated in various online collaborations and voice acting projects. Although financial details of these deals remain confidential, they still contribute significantly to his overall earnings.

He has since created his own channel where he posts videos of him playing video games with friends. This channel has amassed an impressive subscriber count and serves as his main source of income. Furthermore, he runs an online merch store selling branded items such as hoodies, posters and t-shirts at competitive prices; these sales are promoted both on YouTube and Twitch channels to increase earnings even further.


Thomas Simons, better known by his YouTube handle TommyInnit, is an online gaming personality with millions of fans on YouTube and Twitch who follow him for his energetic videos and top earnings on both platforms. Additionally, Tommyinnit operates several small vlog and entertainment channels such as TommyOutIt, TommyVODS and Tomaye that draw millions of views daily.

Tommyinnit has found considerable success monetizing both live streaming and merch sales as sources of additional earnings, in addition to YouTube ad revenue. His store sells branded hoodies, posters and t-shirts bearing his brand; additionally he earns from appearances at gaming events and conventions.

Sponsorships and brand deals provide another significant source of income for the online sensation. Thanks to his immense audience reach, brands often pay substantial sums to advertise on his platforms; though exact figures remain confidential. These partnerships likely add considerable amounts to his annual earnings.

Tommyinnit also derives a significant portion of his revenue through donations and Bits purchases by viewers during live streams, which adds significantly to his total net worth. Future ventures may lead to even further increases in his wealth.