Prayer For the Day – Why God Blesss Some People and Not Others

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Your Heavenly Father wants to hear from and answer your prayers. He may communicate this to you through thoughts, spiritual feelings or scripture.

Be guided and blessed throughout your day by Him with health, strength, wisdom, calmness and peace. Begin each morning by offering up prayers of thanksgiving for an abundant day ahead.

Bless all who are caring for the world.

God, thank You for those who work to improve world conditions – particularly those involved with health and safety, education, justice, compassion, and hope. Please bless them with strength, knowledge and courage so they may see their work as an act of love from You; grant them patience and peace as they find joy in their work; keep them safe and healthy and help them to know You are always with them.

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Start each day off right by worshipping God with these beautiful morning prayers, which make an excellent way to start off each day in His presence. They are easy to read and incorporate some of Scripture’s best advice for living a blessed and fulfilling life – discover more about these timeless prayers and grab one for home, office or car!

Bless those who are in trouble.

At times it can be perplexing why God seems to bless some individuals over others. After all, sometimes it appears as though evildoers get away with much in life – how could such behavior go unpunished by a good and loving being like Himself?

As we read in Habakkuk, God is patient and gracious; He protects those who fear him from harm. He refuses to allow wicked people to destroy his righteous people who are more righteous. Additionally, He remains true to his promises: ‘Be merciful toward those in trouble; rescue them quickly.” He blesses those who care for those less fortunate: He will help deliver them in times of trouble!

O Lord our Merciful Father, may Our Sorrowful Mother provide comfort to those suffering and encourage them to follow your Son Jesus more sincerely. May all who visit this place of prayer today find peace. Bless all who visit in Jesus’s name. Amen

Bless those who are persecuted.

This beatitude refers to those who suffer persecution due to their righteousness. Christians shouldn’t be surprised that we suffer persecution because the world is hostile towards Christianity, making believers who follow him even more persecuted as we draw closer to him and live according to His will. Our persecution may intensify further as we become more like him and work more obediently than ever; people tend to detest those who call out sin and fight for rightness – for instance by speaking up against racial discrimination or refusing participation in office gossip/backstabbing meetings which could result in being overlooked for promotions/firing, like Daniel did for his righteousness!

Persecution can leave people feeling discouraged, dismayed, angered and depressed; yet Jesus tells those being persecuted to rejoice and be glad because their reward in Heaven will be great.

He goes on to explain that Abraham’s covenant included promises of land, seeds, and kingdom. The Greek LXX uses similar language: “o ti polus estai sphodra”, or “your reward is great”.

Beatitude 5 instructs us that it is our duty and pleasure to rejoice over being persecuted because of our association with Jesus and proclaimed Messiahship of him. This beatitude gives a specific reason for which one should rejoice when insulted, pursued or accused falsely of something; other beatitudes speak more generally of having poor spirits, mourning over our condition and offering our lives over to God meekly.

Bless those who are hated.

There is much hatred in this world and people who excel at harboring it. Hatred is a spirit that takes over someone and often stems from hurt or deceit; those living with this attitude often feel they must respond negatively to every negative action taken against them; be it relational issues, job struggles or just life itself that makes them angry. That’s why it is essential that we choose love even when people treat us poorly.

If we want to follow Jesus, then we must bless those whom we loathe & love our enemies. It can be hard, but Jesus set an example and we must follow his lead; although forgiving someone who has hurt you can be difficult and blessing those who are mean can be even harder; nevertheless we must do it anyway!

The Bible makes it crystal-clear that God loathes wicked people (Psalm 11:5); not only from an abstract standpoint or due to their actions; He actively detests them in every part of his being and soul. Furthermore, Jesus singled out wickedness & violence specifically as objects of his hatred in the New Testament when warning against idolatry & sexual immorality as such activities should be avoided by us all; instead we should all strive for an in-depth hatred toward them that springs from within us rather than from anger & hurt feelings alone! Let’s all aim for this within ourselves!

Bless those who are in sorrow.

Losing someone close can be an incredibly painful experience. Grieving may be long and agonizing, yet can also provide an incredible opportunity for spiritual growth. God is with us throughout each stage of our lives – even those filled with sorrow – so there are numerous Bible verses available to inspire and comfort you in your journey through grief.

Jesus spoke of being Blessed When We Mourn in Matthew 5:4 of His Sermon on the Mount. While some have taken this verse to mean we should find comfort when faced with life difficulties, more likely he was referring to mourning over sin – this type of sorrow being called by Paul “godly sorrow” (2 Corinthians 7:10) as it leads us toward repentance and ultimately salvation.

God brings comfort and draw those in distress closer to Himself through comforting them and drawing them close. Although it may feel as if He is far away, He’s closer than you realize – He will hold onto you through every difficult circumstance, as Psalmist writes.

Start each day off right by praying a powerful morning prayer that will energize and comfort you for whatever comes your way. Download this morning prayer and join thousands of Christians from across the globe in praying it each morning!