Maria Sten – Actress, Writer, and Film Director

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Maria Sten is an actress, writer and filmmaker with an array of skills in acting and writing who captivates audiences with her innate skills while honoring her Danish, Swedish and Congolese heritage.

She played Jillian Hope Hodgson in Channel Zero: The Dream Door’s fourth season and Liz Tremayne on DC Universe’s Swamp Thing.


Maria Sten, an internationally acclaimed Danish actress, writer, and film director has received global acclaim for her captivating performances. Known for seamlessly merging artistic prowess with cultural tradition. Though maintaining some degree of privacy regarding her personal life, it has been revealed that Maria is affiliated with Christianity and adheres to its teachings.

Sten initially dabbled in modeling and dance before realizing acting offered her more of an outlet creatively. Since then, she has starred in critically-acclaimed projects like Amazon’s Reacher and Channel Zero anthologies; ABC’s Big Sky under David E. Kelley; as well as participating in programs such as The Black List/ Women in Film Episodic Labs as well as Christina Hodson/Margot Robbie’s Lucky Exports Pitch Program.

Sten has made her mark on the entertainment industry thanks to a dynamic skill set and relentless drive for meaningful storytelling, which makes it no surprise she has made such an impressionful impactful mark on this field. As she hones her craft and advances her career path there is no doubting her bright future is secure.


Sten, born and raised in Denmark, is best-known for her portrayal of Frances Neagley in Amazon’s hit series Reacher, an adaptation of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher novels. Sten has an array of professional experience such as professional dancing and beauty pageant titleholder (she won Miss Denmark 2008!). Since joining Reacher on our screens she has taken Hollywood by storm.

She can also be seen playing Jillian Hope Hodgson on Syfy’s Channel Zero, an anthology series that examines creepypastas, internet folklore and urban legends. Not only a great performer but an award-winning writer as well; Christina was chosen for both the 2017 Black List / ATX TV Writing Program as well as Christina Hodson and Margot Robbie’s Lucky Exports Pitch Program; additionally she wrote on ABC’s Big Sky from David E. Kelley as well as debuting When It Burns which she wrote directed produced produced and starred in. CAA and Grandview represent her.


Maria Sten, best known for playing Frances Neagley opposite Reacher on Amazon Prime Video’s series based on Lee Child’s Jack Reacher novels, is not content to stay within acting alone. A former dancer, model and beauty pageant titleholder as well as writer; Sten is no stranger to both writing and acting; her debut short film When It Burns was featured at both Uptown Short Film Festival and LA Shorts Fest 2016 before it won two writing competitions: ATX TV Writers Lab 2017 as well as Christina Hodson/Margot Robbie’s Lucky Exports Pitch Program before appearing as Frances Neagley herself on ABC’s Big Sky from David E Kelley!

As she prepares to film season two of Reacher and continues writing career, we met up with Sten in Brooklyn to talk all things Reacher as well as representation in Hollywood and revenge stories. Check out our interview below!


Maria Sten is an indispensable talent, whether she’s exploring an action hero’s inner world or adding depth to an emotive drama. With an expansive skill set and talent for delving deep into each character’s nuances, her talent has opened many doors in various genres.

Sten’s insightful storytelling approach has led to dramatic change, amplifying marginalized voices and encouraging inclusivity. She’s building an impressive body of powerful and impactful narratives through projects such as Channel Zero, Big Sky and DC’s Swamp Thing.

Sten returns to Amazon Prime Video’s Reacher as Frances Neagley for Season 3, currently underway in Toronto. Based on Lee Child’s books, Reacher follows Jack Reacher (Alan Ritchson). Fans love Sten’s appearances both seasons – she has made multiple guest appearances across both seasons as Frances Neagley as Frances Neagley! In addition, Sten has had a recurring role on HBO’s Lucifer.