Land Rover Range Rover Velar Vs Jaguar F-Pace

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Land Rover’s entry-level Range Rover Velar is an affordable alternative to Porsche Macan, providing plenty of comfort and luxurious amenities. Fun to drive both on- and off-road with its intelligent terrain response system.

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The Velar starts at $126,554 and comes standard with numerous exterior elements and amenities, such as proximity unlocking, power/gesture tailgate opening and closing, 21″ 10-spoke wheels in Satin Dark Grey finish wheels, Windsor leather seats as well as R-Dynamic package featuring black contrast roof, adaptive suspension, LED headlights with Daytime Running Lamps (DRLs).

The F-Pace starts from $57,220 to $75,873, yet provides similar technologies and features as its sister model – including dual touchscreens that can be adjusted to avoid sun glare; its interior is relatively minimalistic as most controls are managed through its screens.

Both models offer an array of engine choices. For instance, the Velar can be equipped with diesel or two petrol engines ranging from 247-308 horsepower. Additionally, its mileage rating reaches 24 miles per gallon on highway mileages up to 591 miles.


The Velar is often touted as Range Rover’s counterpart to Porsche Macan; however, it stands on its own merits as an SUV. It’s quicker and more comfortable at speed, plus far more capable off-road.

The Jaguar F-Pace uses the same aluminium body architecture, wheelbase, engines, chassis, and suspension systems. Both vehicles share similar driving dynamics as well as responsive drive dynamics with torque-on-demand systems that adjust engine and gearbox settings for different driving conditions to provide the ideal balance of on and off-road capabilities. In addition, Terrain Response systems can be activated to optimise vehicle’s engine, transmission, centre differential, chassis systems to suit specific terrain conditions.

The Velar offers an optional air suspension system designed to raise it for off-road use, giving it superior ground clearance and wading depth of up to 650mm. Furthermore, All Terrain Progress Control helps maintain a constant speed through tough terrain like snow, mud and sand.

The Jaguar F-Pace boasts a maximum five-star ANCAP safety rating and comes standard with advanced safety technology such as forward auto emergency braking, blind spot assist, lane keeping assistance and rear cross-traffic alert. Additionally, there is a full suite of airbags including dual front airbags as well as side airbags on each side, ISOFIX points for child seats and three top tether anchor points to provide maximum protection.


The Velar is an impressive large SUV that feels deceptively agile. While not as capable off the bitumen as its platformmate Range Rover Sport, it still provides a sporty driving experience and comfortably covers its mass when cruising at speed.

The Jaguar F-Pace is more of a sports car than its Range Rover Velar counterpart, yet doesn’t sacrifice any of the luxury expected from this brand. Fast enough to overtake slower traffic, and much more enjoyable to drive due to driver-centric controls that encourage aggressive driving than with its counterpart.

Both SUVs provide plenty of room for passengers, featuring 40.3 inches of front-row legroom in both cases. While second row legroom may be tighter at 37.2 inches for adults, both SUVs can fold flat in a 40/20/40 split to increase cargo capacity to 558 litres.

Both SUVs boast comparable cargo capacities with the Jaguar having slightly more hauling potential. Both earned five-star safety ratings from NHTSA with some categories being scored higher by Jaguar than Velar; both come equipped with advanced safety features such as forward auto emergency braking, blind spot assist, lane keeping assistance and rear cross traffic alert.


Are you seeking an SUV with a sportier edge? The Jaguar F-PACE may be exactly what you are searching for – with its agile driving dynamics and speedy acceleration to 100km/h; even outstripping that of Range Rover Velar!

Both models feature comparable powertrain options that deliver impressive acceleration and fuel economy, but the Velar’s engine feels smoother than that of its rival – making for easier highway driving at higher speeds, as well as providing more luxurious ride quality.

Enjoy luxurious touches in the Velar cabin too, thanks to Active Road Noise Cancellation technology that works like noise-canceling headphones by monitoring vibrations and calculating an opposite-phase sound wave that cancels them out.

Assembling this feature is an invaluable asset when driving on bumpy roads or city streets. Furthermore, it helps create an oasis of calm for rear passengers who may otherwise become tired from hearing high-frequency noises on long journeys.