Good Ways to Meet Women Naturally. For a Guy!

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Finding your ideal partner or just interesting women can be challenging, but there are numerous strategies you can employ to do it naturally!

Start off by being friendly and speaking to people around you – this may be easier in an environment like a bar than other settings; ask people how their day has gone or what book they’ve read to spark conversation.


If you prefer staying away from bars and clubs due to religious beliefs or alcohol consumption issues, volunteering can be an excellent alternative. There are countless ways you can become involved with your community through volunteering efforts such as helping out at animal shelters or campaigning for candidates that share similar values; volunteering also presents you with plenty of opportunities to meet women who share similar passions as yourself!

Dance classes can also provide a low-key and enjoyable social setting to meet women, without competition among men for their attention. Dance lessons allow you to strike up conversations quickly about music you both like or how much fun the instructor makes learning to dance.

Professional events offer another excellent way of meeting women, such as networking events, conferences or industry-specific gatherings. If you notice an attractive woman speaking at such an event, approach her afterward and initiate a dialogue about her work – asking what it is that she does for a living and why they chose that field will allow you to form deeper bonds than just surface level dialogue topics.

Dog Parks

Dog parks can be great places for dog owners and enthusiasts to meet women, as they attract pet lovers like yourself who all share a common love of dogs as a conversation starter. Talking about adorable pigeons pecking away at breadcrumbs or how pleasant the weather is can easily lead to conversations about yourself and what qualities make up an ideal partner for you.

Music concerts and festivals can be an ideal place for music fans to meet women. If you have an affinity for one artist or band in particular, chances are good you will meet women who also share this enthusiasm; those genuinely thrilled about seeing her perform often prove more approachable than those just attending to get the free t-shirt!

As well as music events, find public-speaking groups in your area. It has been proven that women gravitate toward men who can make them laugh; therefore it may be beneficial to learn some humorous one-liners beforehand for these events. This way you’ll put your social skills on display!

As part of expanding your social circle, even if that means making new friends, is also highly advised. Spending too much time alone makes meeting women much harder – going out more will force yourself into situations in which there might be someone “girlfriend material”. Your friends know your personality well and can provide invaluable advice as to which kinds of girls might make good partners for you.

Foreign Language Classes

Learn the French or take an archery class: these activities provide you with an excellent way to meet women with similar interests and even inspire fun date activities! At Coucou, their instructors–artists and actors by day–focus on teaching grammatical rules before showing students how native speakers speak (for instance “Je ne sais pas,” which can often be abbreviated as simply “j’sais pas”).

Women tend to find men who can make them laugh more attractive. That’s why it pays off to explore improv, an activity combining comedy with acting skills that combines comedy with public speaking skills. Improv can show her that you are confident enough and strong enough to hold their own in public settings.

Similar to recreational sports leagues, many cities also provide recreational leagues where you can meet like-minded individuals while getting in some exercise. Ask around at work or google your city name to discover what opportunities may exist near you.

Books & Restaurants

Many people discover that their social circles can provide them with ample dating prospects. You may already have female friends with whom you share an interest in an activity; when this is the case, it can often be easy to start conversations and develop rapport as both parties share this common thread.

Consider joining a club or group that focuses on your hobby, like a book club or sports team, which could help you meet women who share similar interests more easily than in bars and clubs where there are typically far more men than women.

If you are passionate about foreign languages, beginner classes might be just what you need to jumpstart your education. Since these classes tend to be smaller, approaching people and initiating conversations should be much simpler.

Attend a music festival or concert is another fun option, providing you with a great opportunity to meet people who share your interest for certain artists or genres. By familiarizing yourself with those performing, conversations may begin about why their music appeals to you so much.

At food markets on weekends, you may also come across large groups of women gathering to shop and browse. While approaching such an intimidating group may be daunting, making small talk with individual shoppers is an easy way to start conversations about topics such as weather conditions or products on offer.


Women who take time for regular runs show they care about their physical wellbeing, as well as that they can commit to long-term relationships. Running is also an effective way of staying in great shape – something which could come in handy during dating conversations! Runners tend to impress potential dates.

When in public and you encounter a woman that you find attractive, make an attempt to engage her in friendly conversation by using simple conversation starters such as “Good morning!” or “How are you today?” and keeping the dialogue light and pleasant. Be chivalrous by offering to hold her bag or open doors. If she responds positively to your approach then ask for her number and move from there.

People often assume they need an effective pickup line in order to meet women, but simply looking out for opportunities can often work just as effectively. This could include meeting her when she’s walking through a park, sitting at a library table or admiring an art gallery painting.

An effective way to increase your social circle is through participating in group activities like yoga classes or kickball leagues. If you prefer being alone, online dating services offer various filters so you can filter potential partners before ever meeting.

Library & Bookstores

Some men might view the library as too similar to a book club for their taste, but actually women have less competition when visiting there than book clubs do. Furthermore, asking someone what she’s reading or their favorite book can provide an avenue of communication and break the ice quickly and effectively.

Women tend to find men who exude confidence more attractive. Kezia Noble describes in her book, The Noble Art of Seducing Women, how confident posture, smiling and looking them in the eye are all signs that you’re not scared to approach women directly.

For an added boost, why not attend a speed dating event? These events allow you to move quickly from table to table, engaging in short conversations with as many women as possible in one night – so that when it’s time, you can decide who would make an ideal partner or date!

Another great way to meet women is through your friends. Although this might feel like cheating, because you already know and trust these individuals, it can actually be very effective way to meet potential girlfriends. Be intentional with how you use this network of acquaintances – for instance if you meet for drinks every Thursday at the same bar, invite an unknown individual out with you and see what unfolds!