99math Review for Teachers

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99math provides students with an easy and enjoyable way to practice their math facts competitively, much like Prodigy Math, Kahoot or Quizizz games.

Teachers can easily and free use the Virtual Field Trip Game within minutes and challenge another classroom from either their school or any location worldwide. Plus, detailed game reports give instantaneous feedback while pinpointing areas for improvement.

It’s easy to set up

99math stands out from other game-based learning tools by emphasizing math fluency and curriculum standards over content. Setup and use are straightforward; games adapt to each student’s ability level for optimal engagement; it is free to use; teachers get reports of their students’ performance.

Michele uses 99math as a rotation station in her class and finds that students love its engaging gaming atmosphere and trying to beat their personal best scores. Michele believes this improves math fluency significantly while simultaneously getting children excited about math!

Teachers can sign up and create a teacher account in less than a minute with 99math without needing apps on any device, then select which math skills they wish to target before creating games for their students – sharing game codes without individual accounts needed – is easy too – 99math works on all devices for distance or remote learning environments!

It’s free

99math is a free tool designed to allow students to practice their math facts in an engaging game-like environment. Setup is quick and simple, making this ideal for post-lesson or unit formative assessments as well as detailed reports detailing student growth.

Students using this platform can compete in real time against classmates from around the world in real-time competition, providing an engaging way for them to stay focused during class while learning something new in an interactive gaming environment. Furthermore, more likely than not they will retain more information when using it in such an engaging context.

Leaderboards and other gamification elements have been fine-tuned to keep students interested in making progress towards goals. Setup is quick and simple – students can play from any device with internet connectivity! Making it an excellent tool for remote and mobile learning.

It’s engaging

99math is an exciting math game designed to give students valuable practice while instilling healthy competition amongst themselves. Perfect for use both inside the classroom and at home, 99math offers personalized feedback and insight that allows teachers to track student development over time.

99math’s game-like approach to learning makes learning more engaging and motivates students, leading them to greater academic performance and deeper comprehension of mathematical concepts. This provides an alternative solution to traditional mathematics education which often fails to captivate student attention.

Teachers can quickly set up games in under a minute and invite their students using an exclusive code, without apps or accounts being required. Players can compete against their peers in real-time competition, take an asynchronous quiz for practice purposes or engage with detailed reports that provide insights into student strengths and weaknesses so they can tailor teaching strategies appropriately.

It’s fun

99math is a dynamic and engaging tool for formative assessment or skills testing prior to lessons. Teachers can quickly set up games in under a minute, while students compete against classes both inside their school and worldwide. Best of all, its use is free; and its detailed reports give teachers insights into each student’s strengths and areas for improvement.

Kids love games, and when combined with academic content they get even more enthusiastic. This is especially important when learning something challenging like math – 99math helps improve student math fluency significantly while getting them excited about it!

Kids of all ages will enjoy competing against their classmates or the world to win rounds and achieve the highest leader board scores, making 99math an engaging way to keep kids engaged in classrooms. Teachers can use detailed reports from 99math to see how each round went for each student in class and identify learning gaps.