6 Signs Your Man Has Completely Fallen For You

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Are You Wondering If Your Crush Is in Love With You? If he calls at odd hours, opens doors for you and behaves as though he were an old-school gentleman for you, this may be a sure sign!

He discusses your future together and takes you seriously – two sure signs he has fallen completely in love with you.

1. He listens to you attentively

Listening attentively can be seen as a telltale early sign that he cares about your thoughts and opinions, signalling an early indication of falling in love with you.

Your partner also pays close attention to the small things you say or do. For example, if you mention something specific like your favorite food or an experience from your day, they will keep that memory in their mind and ask you about it later – this way he hopes to learn as much about you and build an intimate bond between themselves and their partner.

He may make it clear that he values you more than his other friends – another telltale sign he’s falling for you. He sees you as an integral part of his life and wishes to form something serious with you.

2. He compliments you sincerely

Men may not always be great at providing women with compliments, but when they do it’s an indication of genuine appreciation from them. A compliment could come in the form of something as simple as saying they think “you look good”, or more elaborate praise such as being told how great something you did was.

Early on, men may lavish you with shallow compliments; later, if he finds something meaningful in you, his compliments will become sincere rather than intended solely as flattery.

Signs that he’s interested are evident when they care for and protect your wellbeing, like showing the hero instinct or providing comfort on difficult days, such as making sure you laugh or feel happy when needed. He will want to be there even on difficult days; making you laugh when needed will only intensify this effect further.

3. He makes time for you

He’s begun spending more time with you, planning dates. Instead of just lounging at his place with Netflix and pizza, he is planning fun activities like dinner, movies, theater, museums, hiking trips and day trips – not to mention plenty more fun things that don’t involve Netflix and pizza!

He may make efforts to introduce you to his friends and family – this could be seen as a strong signal that he wants more than a casual romance from you and is taking steps toward true romance.

His goal is to ensure he treats you equally or even better than his friends; this is an indicator that he has fallen for you and wants to commit. He doesn’t intend on playing any games with you; instead he wants serious commitment, and isn’t afraid to show it! You are his girl, and he loves you deeply!

4. He introduces you to his friends and family

Introduce you to his friends and family to show that he sees you as part of his future, being certain that you’re the person he wants in his life and not wanting to keep her secret from others.

He’s proud to introduce you to his friends and takes an interest in their responses; if he doesn’t introduce you, that could indicate he’s not serious about you and only dating as a favor.

If a man seems preoccupied with you, prioritises your time together, discusses future plans with you, includes you in his life plans, is open and honest about things, or shows other signs on this list, you know he has fallen deeply for you. When men feel love deeply for someone they will want to protect and assist them – watch James Bauer’s free video for tips on triggering this natural male behavior!

5. He shows physical affection and intimacy

Men who are passionately in love will demonstrate this by showing affection in various forms – hugging you, holding your hand or providing other physical intimacy is surefire evidence that he cares deeply for you.

When someone tries to touch you in subtle but obvious ways (such as holding your arm while walking), this can also be taken as an indicator that he wants to express his affections for you. He may try and move closer physically as part of a deeper connection and form bonds between himself and you.

Finally, he will work to prioritize your happiness by placing your needs above his own. This may mean anything from giving you the last donut to changing jobs or moving closer so they can spend time together; ultimately he sees you as his most important goal and is willing to make sacrifices just to see you smile.

6. He expresses his feelings and emotions for you

Men are naturally built to be “fixers” and “rescuers.” When he develops strong feelings for someone, they tend to offer assistance during difficult times – or make you laugh on good days and console you on bad ones! This instinctive desire for helping is known as the hero instinct.

He listens carefully and remembers what you say, makes time for both of you, prioritizes your relationship, compliments you warmly and is interested in hearing what’s on your mind.

He speaks about your future and shows genuine interest in your dreams. He supports all your endeavors and cheers you on when you achieve success. When someone falls completely for someone, one sign they have done so is when they share everything together – this momentous occasion marks an extraordinary turning point in any relationship.