Protecting Your Rights – Navigating Sexual Assault With a Dedicated Attorney

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Sexual assault survivors suffer long-term physical and psychological trauma. They deserve justice.

Have You Been Victimized of Sexual Assault in Work, Public or in an intimate Relationship? A personal injury lawyer specializing in sexual assault will fight hard on your behalf for fair compensation.

Simona Lederman is an esteemed sexual assault attorney in Canada with extensive experience representing victims of sexual violence. She has achieved remarkable results even in some of the most challenging cases and earned herself numerous accolades such as Ontario Trial Lawyers Association Distinguished Service Award and Zenith Lexpert award. Furthermore, Simona regularly gives interviews to media outlets as well as speaking at legal seminars about her expertise in sexual assault matters.

Sexual assault is an extremely serious crime. Therefore, it’s essential that you hire an experienced sexual assault lawyer who understands your unique experiences and can offer support throughout this difficult period. Your attorney should take the time to listen attentively and respond sympathetically when answering questions and concerns that arise, offering open communication during this trying time.

What Are the Differences Between Sexual Assault and Abuse? Unfortunately, the differences between sexual abuse and assault may not be as easily defined as many might believe. Both crimes are equally serious, with different legal definitions depending on if sexual abuse involves ongoing acts or repetitive violence while assault refers to one-off incidents of physical contact between perpetrators and victims.

Reporting sexual assault to the police can be an empowering experience for survivors; however, once involved with law enforcement your ability to manage your own case may diminish significantly and you could find your interaction with the criminal justice system extremely stressful and upsetting.

Assuming you file criminal charges against your attacker, their criminal trials could prove unpredictable in terms of their outcome. Depending on the severity of your attack, court may ask you to testify while their defense can present itself; should they be found guilty, their names can also be placed on a Sexual Offenders Registry that could hinder future employment and housing opportunities.

If the defendant pleads or is found guilty, you will have an opportunity to submit a victim impact statement before the judge and explain how this incident has impacted both you and your family.

Sexual Assault Lawyers provide critical assistance in filing civil suits according to all the legal requirements, attending pre-trial conferences and hearings in your behalf and filing any appeals filed by defendants on your behalf, while helping obtain compensation from insurance providers of assailants or potentially liable parties. Reach out now for assistance from trusted sexual assault attorneys near you who will guide you through complex legal proceedings with ease and compassion.