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Spray Foam Guns and Accessories

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Spray Foam Guns and Accessories

Spray foam guns require regular care and maintenance to remain effective for application of foam. Regular inspections as well as using recommended lubrication will help avoid clogs or damages that might prevent successful spray foam applications.

Thorough research of manufacturer reputation and track record can also ensure durability of spray foam insulation projects. Selecting a gun suitable to specific insulation needs can further ensure better results. When purchasing a spray foam gun for sale, consider factors such as size, output capacity, and ease оf use tо find the best fit for your needs.


No matter if you’re spraying foam insulation or caulk, having the appropriate gun for precise application is key to successful results. Our dispensing guns and accessories in this category offer outstanding durability, accuracy and ease-of-use to meet the unique demands and preferences of each project and user.

Mechanical purge, air purge and solvent purge spray foam guns are three primary types. Each uses a mechanism that keeps chemicals separate until you activate the gun to spray them out. Once spraying has completed, any remaining materials must be cleared off or they’ll harden into hardened material that renders your gun inoperable.

To keep your gun in good condition, always clean it immediately after use with a solvent or cleaner recommended by its manufacturer. Regular inspections may help detect blockages before they clog or jam your system and reduce downtime for future jobs. Furthermore, keeping tools in good shape reduces downtime saving you time for other pursuits.


Spray foam guns come in all sizes, shapes, and colors to meet a range of applications or environments. Additional accessories like nozzles and gun tips may be available as well.

These tools attach securely to PRO cans and dispense expanding foam bead of 1/8″ to 3″. Trigger fittings have been specifically designed for minimal play in dispensing needle, providing consistent and accurate application of expanding foam bead. A control knob makes bead adjustment simple. Proper storage and cleaning ensure long term functionality of these plastic guns.

Mechanical purge spray foam guns use a valving rod in their mixing chamber to separate each chemical used for spraying until you pull the trigger and combine them together, then when released a blast of air flushes away any leftover chemicals in the gun.


Nozzles come in many different shapes and sizes even within one thread standard, from cylindrical nozzles with uniform diameter to flat nozzles with flatter tips that extrude wider lines. Their shape and size determine both head-diameter and spray patterns; selecting an optimal nozzle can help achieve outputs such as desired outputs, soil coverage or drift reduction.

Solvent Purge Guns These weapons feature a valving rod to prevent two chemicals used for spray foam from mixing until you are ready to spray. Pulling the trigger will cause this rod to move, flushing out any remaining residue from within its mix chamber.

Air purge guns offer a more straightforward and minimally maintained option, using compressed air to flush any chemicals out of their guns when activated by pulling their trigger. Due to this ease-of-use and simplicity of design, air purge guns have quickly become popular choices among many industrial users.


Be sure to use spray foam insulation gun applicators with caution, wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment such as gloves, safety goggles and coveralls. Proper ventilation as well as handling and storage is critical in ensuring optimal performance and long service life of this equipment.

Consider several key criteria when selecting the ideal spray foam insulation gun for sale: your project needs and compatibility with various chemical components. Go with a trusted brand that offers contractors cutting-edge equipment as well as comprehensive instructions on how to maximize investments and complete superior spray foam jobs.

Most spray foam guns use impingement-mixing technology to combine two component chemicals within a gun chamber, with each chemical kept separate until you activate the spring mechanism by pulling the trigger and release each area individually. Once activated, any reacted material is forced out the nozzle via mechanical purge, air purge or solvent purge methods of extraction from the gun.