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Elevating Your Home With Window and Door Renovations

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Elevating Your Home With Window and Door Renovations

Windows and doors are integral features in a home, impacting how light, air, and sound enter and move through it. By selecting options tailored to fit your lifestyle preferences, you can dramatically alter its look and feel.

Energy efficient upgrades provide significant cost savings on utility bills while helping create a greener planet. Plus, they increase property values!

Marvin Windows & Doors

Marvin windows and doors have the power to revive any home design while adding more usable space. Their innovative offerings include skylights and the Marvin Skycove system which creates up to 20 square feet of glass nooks in any given room.

This company offers three product collections designed to fit into a wide range of living styles and preferences. For example, homeowners seeking an optimal combination of style and performance may wish to explore Elevate; those wanting superior craftsmanship or customization options should select Ultimate collection.

Marvin offers customers an assortment of window solutions and an installation process designed to meet individual requirements. Through their network of certified installers and replacement contractors, customers are supported throughout this process and provided with product and ideas guides, material samples and a dependable warranty.

Pella Corporation

Pete and Lucille Kuyper of Pella, Iowa invested in an innovative window screen invention – one with retractable blinds. Soon thereafter they established a company dedicated to traditional American values of integrity that enhanced homes and lives alike.

Pella earned an outstanding reputation during the 1990s by targeting the high end of the construction market, targeting upscale homeowners, professional designers and builders of high quality homes. Furthermore, they opened a Pella window store for retail buyers to purchase products directly.

Today, Pella boasts 12 manufacturing plants and more than 200 showrooms nationwide. Still family-owned and professionally managed, they remain dedicated to innovation, productivity, and environmental stewardship. If you want to learn more about Pella windows and doors by scheduling a free consultation with an expert. This way, together you can design an individualized project tailored just for your needs!

Kolbe Windows & Doors

Kolbe has been recognized nationally as a premier manufacturer of windows and doors for over 75 years. Headquartered in Wisconsin and catering to high end markets such as wood clad and aluminum clad products with price tags that exceed most budgets, Kolbe stands out by consistently meeting high quality and design standards while being awarded highly for both their craftsmanship and design.

Kolbe is known for their expert craftsmanship, handmade touches and meticulous attention to detail that makes their windows a popular choice in many of North America’s most stunning homes and stylemark buildings. Kolbe offers various window and door collections with customizable options available to fulfill any architectural vision.

VistaLuxe Collection products from Isela Window Company are ideal for contemporary designs that incorporate large expanses of glass and clean lines. Their extruded aluminum exterior requires minimal upkeep while their wood interior shows that minimalist style can feel warm and organic. All their products can be customized and come equipped with impact resistance in Zone 4 hurricane zones; plus the company also provides exterior trims and brickmoulds to complete any window or door project.


Milgard Windows are an internationally-recognized manufacturer worth considering for your replacement windows project. Their wide variety of styles and materials – aluminum, fiberglass and vinyl – offer style as well as energy-efficiency with lifetime warranties to back it up.

Milgard dealers provide homeowners with quotes and consultations, during which time they can discuss style options and pricing with them as well as arrange installation services.

Milgard can be frustrating to work with due to their limited online pricing information and lengthy consultation process, making comparisons between their service and that of competing brands and window companies challenging. Furthermore, their limited lifetime warranty encumbers more red tape than similar offerings by competitors, making comparisons harder still; although other companies have simplified their warranty services for easier comparison.