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Scandinavian Interior Design Style

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Scandinavian design is synonymous with clean lines and simple living; from Eeno Saarinen’s tulip tables to Hans Wegner’s wishbone chairs, many popular contemporary designs demonstrate this.

Hygge design emphasizes functionality and simplicity while adding coziness. By strategically placing some hygge decor elements, this Scandinavian aesthetic can be achieved.


Scandinavian decor embodies both form and function in equal measure, emphasizing clean lines and simple silhouettes while using natural materials that nod to its rural past. Organic forms and natural elements reflect this trend reminiscent of living in small communities that depended heavily on nature for inspiration in design.

When color does appear in a Scandinavian home, it usually does so in small bursts and muted hues. Whether adding accent pillows to an already cozy Scandinavian bedroom or hanging floral paintings on blank walls, it is key that all aspects of the room remain consistent with its soothing aesthetic.

Pella Hedeby of Danish design store FJORN Scandinavian suggests starting simple when creating your cozy haven, suggesting adding Nordic design staples like PP Mobler chairs and Carl Hansen’s Wishbone Chair into your space. Layer sheepskins and linen bedding to add coziness. Don’t forget modern metal touches like brass lamps or vases!

Natural Elements

Scandinavian style emphasizes bringing nature indoors. This can include using light-toned natural wood elements like furniture and flooring; accenting with nature-inspired materials like sheepskin or jute; or simply featuring house plants and flowers as part of vignettes.

Natural hues often pair beautifully with Scandinavian decor’s sleek lines and softened colors, such as those found in nature. Think faded green pine needles or vibrant tan dunes: earthy accents like these add a distinctively Scandinavian aesthetic to any space.

Integrating a gallery wall into any living room is a fantastic way to add personality while staying true to Scandinavian design principles. Common components for these types of walls include monochrome photography, line drawings, vintage illustrations and location maps framed with black or natural wood frames – pieces which allow you to display your personal style while not overshadowing Scandinavian’s minimalist and functional essence.

Incorporating Hygge

Hygge is not something you can buy or install into your home – it’s an experience best described as cozy. But creating the atmosphere can be done through designing with coziness in mind; selecting an inviting design theme could do just the trick!

At its core, an ideal starting point for color schemes should be neutral tones like white, cream, tan or gray. From there, incorporate accent decor colors featuring bright earth tones like sky blue, burnt sienna, evergreen and muddy brown in accent decor items like area rugs, throw pillows or art to tie your color scheme together.

Texture is essential to creating the cozy feel that defines Scandinavian design, and can be added through soft knitted throws, fur rugs, woven decor and satin-finish pillows. These decorative elements add a little something extra without losing sight of minimalist style that underpins Scandinavian design. Light wood accents also offer natural textures for additional depth in a room.

Adding Personal Touches

Attributing your personal touch is one way to make modern Scandinavian style more inviting, as seen here where designers layered accent pillows, wool throws, and an assortment of framed art featuring both geometric lines and soft figurative subjects.

Ornamental shapes and rounded corners are another way to inject some personality into a modern Scandinavian space, lending it a more relaxed appearance. A rounded sofa, bar stool backs or even a curved mirror can bring these qualities together and soften its clean lines.

Another effective way of adding color is displaying your favorite pieces in an artful gallery wall display. Here, a selection of light wood furniture from Swedish brand Tham & Videgard pairs nicely with blue and purple rugs and artwork against a neutral backdrop to create an inviting bedroom that’s both visually stunning and practical.