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How to Build an Outdoor Firewood Storage Shed

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Store your firewood in an attractive shed to protect it from moisture and pests, like this simple design by @fitchlumber that uses triangular shelves to keep the wood neatly stacked.

Choose high-grade lumber to construct and clad the frame and exterior cladding of your shed for optimal durability, and roofing materials that will protect firewood against inclement weather conditions.

Exterior cladding and roofing

Your firewood storage shed must be designed with durability in mind; for that, exterior cladding and roofing materials such as wood siding or metal roofing will help provide weather resistance, while protecting it from rainwater that could lead to mold growth or rot. A properly installed cladding should ensure proper ventilation and moisture runoff.

@fitchlumber has designed this firewood storage shed using pressure-treated 2x4s for its base and corrugated roofing panels to keep it dry, with shelves inside separating by type and size of firewood for easy access and use.

This simple wood shed is large enough to store one cord of firewood, making it an excellent solution for those with limited outdoor space and no carpentry experience. The shed features a slanted roof designed to draw in heat and airflow to facilitate faster drying times for wood storage. Building it should only take one day if following plans and instructions carefully.

Sturdy frame

If you want to build an outdoor firewood storage shed, it is imperative that it has a strong frame. When selecting lumber for this task, select pressure-treated options with enough durability to withstand weather elements and consider cross bracing to add stability. Your frame should also support enough weight from firewood stacks as well as provide proper ventilation.

This wooden firewood rack is an effective and efficient way of keeping wood dry and organized, and would be an excellent idea for those living in damp climates who heat with wood. Notably, this shed-style arrangement features a roof for an alternative approach than those we have shared so far.

This shed, constructed out of recycled shipping pallets, offers an economical and simple alternative to traditional sheds. Ideal for keeping firewood off the ground, construction can take only one day. Furthermore, its design provides protection from rain and snowfall – an excellent DIY project for any homeowner!


Shed doors offer an effective means of protecting firewood from the elements. Available in various sizes and designs to meet the space available to them, these doors can easily be installed or replaced as required. Additional trim may add character while leaving it out altogether for a modern aesthetic.

Once doors are in place, it is vital that they are secured against intruders by using pad bolts or hasp and staple locks – these offer a secure yet durable barrier against intruders; some even feature an attachment loop which can accommodate padlocks for additional protection.

Building a shed with two compartments can also be an excellent solution for storing firewood, as it allows you to separate bigger logs from smaller pieces for easier access. Elevating it off the ground using cinder blocks may help prevent moisture damage to wood while being cost-effective and speeding up drying times for your firewood supply.


Firewood shed capacity and design are essential to ensure you have enough wood for winter fires. In an ideal world, your shed should provide enough storage for all of your supplies while providing sufficient protection from the elements. Furthermore, airflow should be sufficient so the wood dries properly while also helping prevent pests from infiltrating your home.

To ensure the longevity of a wooden structure, you should build it using a solid frame made of lumber suitable for outdoor use and protected against weather elements by exterior cladding or roofing materials.

@tinalemac has created an easy and inexpensive DIY wood rack project designed to store large chunks of firewood efficiently. Featuring a distinct trough shape and featuring an individual shelf for kindling, its repurposed barrel hoops add rustic charm. Ideal for people using only wood as heating source who cannot afford a traditional shed, this storage solution provides plenty of room to safely keep large piles inside your home.


Proper ventilation is key to keeping firewood dry. To do this, position your wood shed so the wind can easily blow through it; additionally, raising it slightly off of the ground may prevent moisture seepage into the wood and ensure that its roof has adequate ventilation to avoid build-up of water.

An easy, budget-conscious firewood shed is an effective solution to store firewood for the cold winter nights ahead. This DIY project can be finished within one day to guarantee an ample supply of firewood throughout winter nights.

@fitchlumber has designed an easy and cost-effective wood shed, featuring corrugated roofing panels, recycled shipping pallets and cinder blocks to elevate wood off of the ground and protect it from dampness. Perfect for off-grid living or using wood as heating source – view their step-by-step tutorial and learn how to construct this firewood shelter!