Drug Detox in Austin: Process and Benefits

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The detoxification treatments help in removing the drug and alcohol from the body. If you enroll in the professional treatment at Drug Detox Center Austin, you can safely complete the detoxification process under medical supervision and without experiencing the severe side effects that accompany quitting substance abuse. 

Are There Any Limitations Of Drug Detox Treatment?

When a person is going through the detoxification process, they may experience the side effects of substance withdrawal. These side effects can range somewhere between mild to severe, depending upon the addiction type. The most common symptoms that a person could experience during detoxification are: 

  1. Mood swings. 
  2. Anxiety, Agitation, and Depression. 
  3. Headaches and Nausea.
  4. Shakiness.
  5. Tremors and seizures. 

These symptoms could last somewhere between one week to three months or even more and vary with every individual. 

How Does a Drug Detox Center In Austin Help with Rehabilitation? 

The detoxification is the first step in Drug Detox Center Austin. The process mainly involves  three steps: 

  1. In the first stage, the medical team evaluates the patient’s physical and mental health to create a detailed treatment plan to help. This involves assessing the patient’s current medical history, biomedical condition, mental health, and addiction type to create an individual detonation plan. 
  2. The next phase continues with the treatment which involves group sessions, medication, and therapy to help the patient to safely go through the withdrawal phase. 
  3. Once the patient completes the detoxification, they move forward with the rehab phase. This helps to increase the chances of recovery. It is important to complete the rehab process as detoxification is the beginning and not enough to help a person sustain long-term addiction recovery. Ongoing therapies after rehab help the person to address the complex social and psychological aspects. 

Is Going Cold Turkey Safe? 

Going “cold turkey,” as it is called when quitting a drug or drugs abruptly, can be dangerous, especially when using some substances. When abruptly halted after chronic use, alcohol withdrawal, for example, can cause severe symptoms like seizures, psychosis, and even death. In a similar vein, stopping opioids suddenly can cause extremely unpleasant side effects like nausea, diarrhea, and flu-like symptoms, even though it is rarely fatal. In addition, those going through moderate to severe opioid withdrawal frequently struggle with intense drug cravings, which raises the risk of relapsing.

Considering these concerns, it is best to see a healthcare provider before trying to stop using any substance completely. Speaking with a doctor can assist in establishing the best course of action and help evaluate specific risks. 

Take Away 

If you or someone you care about are addicted to alcohol, drugs, pills, or some other illegal; substance, it is time to take the first steps and visit the nearby Drug Detox Center in Austin for recovery. The experts can help you to safely clear the toxins from your body and also suggest the best therapies that can help you with the physical and mental issues you might be facing due to addiction. 

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