5 Summer Snacks For Healthy And Happy Teeth

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As summer brings bike rides, picnics and pool parties – as well as delicious foods to enjoy while staying healthy – it is a time for us to keep up the good habits we’ve established – such as brushing and flossing regularly!

Layer low-sugar plain or vanilla Greek yogurt with low-sugar berry puree and granola for a nutritious treat that provides calcium to strengthen both teeth and bones. Enjoy delicious yet refreshing parfaits made of tooth-friendly yogurt today!

Whole Fruits

Substituting too many sugary and starchy foods for snacks during summer vacation can put children’s teeth and mouths at risk of cavities and decay, so it is vital that parents provide their kids with plenty of healthy snack choices during this period.

Store-bought popsicles and ice cream contain loads of sugar and artificial colors, but making homemade versions can be an enjoyable way to satisfy summertime cravings. Look for recipes featuring whole fruits with low-sugar yogurt; for even more calcium boost try yogurt smoothie pops or green smoothies made with kale or spinach as ingredients.

Fruits like berries, strawberries, watermelons and cantaloupe contain vitamin C which promotes gum and tooth health. Furthermore, they contain natural sugars which, when consumed in moderation, help scrub away plaque while stimulating saliva production and stimulating saliva flow.

Cheese is an excellent source of calcium and other vital nutrients that can strengthen teeth and decrease the risk of cavities. Pair it with fruit or enjoy as an individual snack! Nuts like almonds and seeds like sunflower or pumpkin seed provide protein which promote strong teeth.

Icy Citrus Popsicles

Summer brings us treats such as popsicles, sherbet and ice cream but these sweet snacks may cause tooth decay. Additionally, sugary foods may make teeth more sensitive to cold weather; drinking water or non-sugar sweetened beverages while enjoying cold treats may help alleviate their effects on our dental health.

Add fresh lemon juice for the best popsicles ever. Bottled lemon juice also works, though its flavor might differ slightly. If desired, experiment with different sweeteners like agave nectar for additional sweetness or combine ingredients until your desired level of sweetness has been reached.

Popsicles are an easy and enjoyable treat that will provide your kids with a cooling treat while they enjoy the summer sun! Make a larger batch for guests attending your pool party or barbecue. To increase the filling ability of this treat, substitute water with low-fat milk or yogurt; cheese provides calcium while berries contain cancer-fighting antioxidants, vitamin C and other important phytonutrients that have numerous health benefits.

Frozen Yogurt Bites

TikTok or Instagram users may have come across these viral yogurt clusters – easy and delicious to make with greek yogurt, honey or maple syrup, your favorite granola and mini chocolate chips – making these treats dairy-free/vegan snacks great summer snacks for both children (and adults!).

Watermelons are refreshing summer treats made up of 90% water and rich with hydrating properties and heart disease-protective antioxidant lycopene, making it a delicious summertime snack to enjoy raw, chopped into salads or cut into fun shapes for healthy snacking!

Cucumbers are crunchy and packed with essential vitamins and minerals for maintaining the health of teeth. Their low levels of sugar help neutralize acids that contribute to tooth decay. You can snack on cucumbers on their own, chop them up into salads or dip into hummus for a nutritious snack that is delicious too.

Infused Water

An infused water drink is the ideal way to quench thirst on a hot day. Instead of turning to sodas, juices and flavored waters that may coat your teeth with plaque-causing acids, try infusing cucumber, lemon slices, strawberries or mint leaves into cold water for an enjoyable beverage that won’t harm them.

Providing drinks containing infused water at a summer party is another entertaining and festive option! Keep in mind, however, that many infused recipes include citrus fruits which may wear away at tooth enamel over time; use these ingredients sparingly or find recipes without them altogether.

Making nutritious snacks part of a healthy lifestyle is key. Try including more leafy veggies into your menu this summer; crunchy vegetables require additional chewing to stimulate optimal saliva production and can help wash away food particles, buffer acid levels and remineralize tooth enamel. Pair vegetable sticks with low-sugar yogurt or cottage cheese or lean meat pieces served alongside whole grain crackers to round out a balanced snacking diet. Richmond Hill Dentists recommend cheese for its calcium and phosphorus content, both essential for dental health.

Cool Smoothies

As temperatures heat up, so does your desire to find an enjoyable snack to refresh yourself with. But there’s good news – you can satisfy these summertime cravings while supporting teeth and gum health!

Refill your beverage selection with drinks low in sugar and rich in nutrients such as calcium. Water is an ideal thirst-quencher as it helps rinse away food particles while encouraging saliva production – essential in combatting mouth dryness, which can lead to tooth decay, as well as fighting harmful bacteria. Try adding slices of fruit for flavor or infusing it with fruit for an extra dose of vitamin C!

Cheese makes an excellent summertime snack to protect the enamel on your teeth from decay. Loaded with calcium, cheese helps strengthen its structure to help ward off cavities. Enjoy it on its own or pair it with whole fruits such as strawberries and bananas for a nutritive treat! You could also consider pairing frozen yogurt with fresh berries for extra sweetness and vitamin C content, or creating an exotic mint lassi beverage!