5 Ways To Avoid Jail If Caught With Drugs At Work

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You don’t need to be a terrible individual to get caught up with illegal drugs. It might have started when you hurt your back at work, which leads to a course of pain medication. A few months later, you can be hooked on heroin.

It’s possible you could end up in prison if caught with illegal drugs at work, even if you seem like a productive employee. Let’s look at some ways you can avoid being imprisoned if the police do catch you.

1. You Can Turn On Your Supplier

Unless you’re cooking meth in your basement, you’ll need to get your drugs from somewhere. Your drug attorneys might encourage you to give the police the name of your supplier, and you could be asked to take part in a sting to catch them in action.

The police don’t care about people caught with a small supply of drugs. Instead, they’re much more interested in bigger fish that cause a hundred times more damage to the community. You’ll need to think over the pros and cons before deciding.

2. Plead To A Less Serious Charge

Relentless impaired driving lawyers could help you plead to a less serious charge, which makes life easy for prosecutors. The tactic works with almost everything for a few different reasons. Sometimes it’s not worth a prosecutor’s time to take a low-level criminal to court.

It also works if they don’t have much evidence on you. Even if they think you definitely hit someone over the head with a bottle during a bar fight, it doesn’t mean they’ll be able to convince a jury you’re guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, enabling you to plead down.

3. Hiring The Best Lawyer Possible

You won’t always face the best prosecutors in the world unless charged with a huge crime. I’m not saying junior prosecutors don’t know what they’re doing, but you’ll find they are no match for high-quality defense attorneys with years of experience.

If you have enough money to spend on great legal representation, it’s more likely you’ll win your case. There are some instances where you’ll run into trouble no matter who you hire. It’s hard to win cases when they have tons of evidence against you.

4. Don’t Get Into Fight With Police

Maybe you won’t do any prison time if caught with drugs. It will depend on a few things, like whether or not you’ve been in trouble before. If it’s your first offense and you didn’t have lots of drugs on your person, you could get away with a suspended sentence.

It can work the exact opposite way too, so doing even more things wrong could guarantee you end up in prison. For example, the judge and jury won’t take kindly to someone who attempts to assault police officers in the hope they can escape.

5. Show People You’re A Good Person

You will have to wait a long time before stepping in front of a judge. The time it takes for your case to go to trial will depend on where you live. If granted bail, don’t get into even more trouble before the trial has started.

It’s more likely you’ll be found not guilty if the jury thinks you’re a good person who made a mistake. What do you think will be going through their heads if you’re a menace to society? They will think it’s important you’re taken off the streets.

All Hope Is Not Lost If You’re Charged

You won’t always go to prison if caught with drugs, but you should do everything to prove you don’t deserve to spend time behind bars.