Unforgettable Experiences in the Great White North

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Unforgettable Experiences in the Great White North

Spring break season can be an exciting time of year for families. Whether you prefer exploring or staying close to home, the Great White North provides unforgettable experiences.

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1. Take a Cruise Down the Inside Passage

Enjoy an exotic blend of tranquil beauty and exciting adventure on an Alaskan Inside Passage cruise! This UNESCO World Heritage Site boasts stunning scenery such as narrow fjords, scattered islets, towering peaks and epic glaciers; not to mention whales, bald eagles, grizzly bears and seals all living here!

There are various cruise options to explore the Inside Passage, from mainstream offerings by mass-market lines to expedition vessels from smaller operators. When choosing an itinerary, keep the best time of year in mind; peak tourist season typically falls during June – August but during this period one can enjoy sunny weather and frequent whale sightings; early and tail end seasons offer beautiful fall colors with less crowds present.

Make sure your Alaska cruise itinerary includes visits to Glacier Bay National Park and Juneau – they represent the pinnacle of Alaska cruising and offer amazing views of calving glaciers and remote wilderness areas. Or explore the Great Bear Rainforest for unspoiled wilderness home to grizzly bears as well as rare species like White Spirit bears.

As well as Alaska’s iconic cruising areas, you can also embark on a one-way cruise that combines them with tours of Sitka or Haines where moose roam freely and orcas playfully, and visits the stunning Gulf Islands National Park Reserve – often called Canada’s Galapagos, and famous for its dry rainforest, island-hopping marine mammals, spectacular hiking, spectacular hiking trails, dry rainforest canopy walks, spectacular hiking and dry rainforest canopy walks. Departing either from Seattle or Vancouver depending on your itinerary – choosing the former could save U.S. residents money while entering Canada without needing a passport.

2. Explore the Great Bear Rainforest

British Columbia’s coastal temperate rainforest boasts a rich diversity of wildlife, from grizzly bears, black bears, and the rare white spirit bear to hiking moss-laden trails, skirting crystal-clear rivers and scaling mist-shrouded mountains. Discover its rich cultural history through Coastal First Nations who have called this area home for millennia while still protecting it today.

This untouched wilderness is also home to various marine species, such as orcas, sea lions and seals. Humpback whales are especially abundant here, diving deep into glacier-carved fjords in order to feed on krill.

Maple Leaf Adventures makes exploring this breathtaking natural destination easier with wilderness tours aboard its three expedition yachts from May through October – including spirit bear adventures!

Explore amazing fjords, islands and river estuaries teeming with wildlife while learning the history and culture of local First Nations. Plus you’ll get to spot grizzly bears from a forest viewing platform before paddling your kayak through this breathtaking landscape!

Are you seeking an immersive experience? Look no further than Spirit Bear Lodge near Klemtu on Kitasoo Xai’xais traditional territory. This Indigenous-owned and operated wilderness retreat provides guests with an exclusive glimpse of Great Bear Rainforest through the eyes of its protectors – this exclusive opportunity gives guests an exclusive view into this ancient wonder while indulging in comfort at this secluded wilderness retreat with hiking trails and hot spring soak. Bring along your camera – these sights make this trip worth every photograph

3. Go Whitewater Rafting in Fort Smith

River trips in the Northwest Territories offer an unforgettable way to discover its stunning landscapes. From Nahanni River cruises and more relaxing day trips to whitewater rafting adventures in Fort Smith – river travel is sure to offer something for all tastes in this part of Canada!

At its length, the broad Slave River meanders leisurely over the boreal plains of northern Canada towards Great Slave Lake. But once it enters Northwest Territories territory, its full force comes alive as an incredible world-class whitewater playground featuring waves as high as houses and dizzying whirlpools – including its famed Rapids of Drowned, Mountain Portage and Cassette rapids which comprise part of its 20 km big water labyrinth known as Slave River Canyon.

Fort Smith hosts its premier whitewater festival every August; Paddlefest. From beginners to experienced paddlers alike, this festival provides lessons and demos tailored specifically for you – perfect if you want to expand your skills! Located along Slave River Rapids – best known for their wildlife encounters such as buffalo! – attend this unforgettable experience.

At this park, you’ll also find the newly renovated Pullman railcar diner where you can enjoy a meal while admiring some of the finest local crafts. Plus, it makes for a perfect souvenir shop or shopping spree if your loved ones back home need gifts!

4. Drive the Arctic Circle

At latitude 66 degrees 33 minutes north, the Arctic Circle can captivate our imagination like few places on earth. Situated 196 road miles (or 140 air miles) northeast of Fairbanks, it serves as an invisible boundary that few have explored. Drive the Dempster Highway — affectionately dubbed “Haul Road” for serving truckers on Alaska ice roads and pipeline workers — or take an aircraft flight north of treeline to experience life at this mythical boundary of life itself.

The Dempster Highway is one of Canada’s greatest road trips, stretching 737 kilometres between Dawson City in Yukon and Deadhorse – an oil company town near Prudhoe Bay oil fields – before linking up with Inuvik-to-Tuktoyaktuk Highway that takes travellers all the way up to Arctic Ocean in Northwest Territories. Experience an adventure you won’t soon forget.

Rent a car and drive yourself, but only if you are comfortable navigating winter roads with vehicles equipped for those conditions and can feel safe driving in remote areas with no cell phone coverage or services available. Or join a guided tour in a motor coach or van so that someone else will worry about road conditions while you take pictures and enjoy this unforgettable journey!

Once you reach the Arctic Circle, there will be a sign welcoming you and providing you with an official Arctic Circle Adventure Certificate. After standing beside this sign, continue through to tundra beyond for an incredible landscape that looks different from anywhere else on earth – you might even spot caribou or muskoxen! While exploring further, be on the lookout for signs that indicate herds of caribou or groups of muskoxen as you continue exploring further afield.

5. Stay in a Nordic Lodge

An unforgettable way to experience the Great White North is staying in a Nordic lodge. These remarkable accommodations range from aurora igloos with glass roofs to fire-warmed Arctic chalets; perfect for snow lovers of any kind! Unlike hotels, Nordic lodges bring nature close while providing ultimate luxury and comfort – something Off the Map Travel excels in. These lodges can be found across Finland, Sweden Norway and Iceland!

This ice hotel is the epitome of winter relaxation: its fully sculpted igloo nestled on an Arctic glacier fjord provides breathtaking views of calving icebergs and dancing northern lights, plus fine Scandinavian dining, wine bar and fireplace – plus access to one of their expedition-style igloos for close encounters with aurora borealis and rugged Arctic wilderness! Book one of the main buildings for comfortable Scandinavian fine dining, wine bar service and fireplace fireplace; upgrade for adventure – or upgrade and experience the raw Arctic wilderness from another expedition-style igloo.

Short drive from Whistler, this glamping spot provides a backcountry winter haven. Boasting stunning mountain wilderness and Olympic-level Nordic trails, it makes an ideal destination for skiers, snowboarders, snowshoers and snowshoers of all levels – ski or snowshoe the trails, cross country ski or husky sled across its miles of terrain and end your day in one of its cozy cabins with panoramic forest views from your deck!

Finns Sami are well known for being serene when it comes to witnessing the Northern Lights – something you will experience first-hand at this nouveau-rustic retreat near Lake Inari. Get cozy under one of the sky-view domes with laser-heated glass roofs designed to block light pollution. Or go for one of their suites featuring their own sauna and hot tub to stargaze from.