Private Jet Charters for Business and Leisure

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Private jet charters provide cost-effective flexibility and productivity on every journey. Air charter is also an efficient means of reaching remote holiday destinations or specialist events that cannot be served adequately by scheduled airlines.

In most instances, on-demand charters are the optimal solution; however, frequent travelers may benefit from investing in an EMBARK Jet Card or fractional program instead.

Business Travel

Many business travelers opt for private jet travel as a time and stress saver, offering customizable itineraries tailored specifically to the requirements of their trip and enabling them to work on important projects while in transit. Many jets offer comfortable seating, spacious cabins, Wi-Fi connectivity and onboard meeting facilities that maximize productivity onboard.

Private aircraft provide direct flights to small airports that are otherwise inaccessible via commercial airlines; for instance, Tradewind’s fleet of Pilatus PC-12 turboprops connects Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard using this approach.

On-demand charters are ideal for C-Suite executives or business professionals that do not wish to commit to jet cards, fractional programs, or whole aircraft ownership. On-demand private jet charters allow travellers to book short trips on short notice that feature aircraft repositioning from hub to leisure destinations like London, Nice or Olbia at significantly reduced costs.

Group Travel

Private jet charters is an excellent way for colleagues and friends to experience luxury and convenience together, avoiding long queues, security checks, and travel disruptions on commercial airlines – giving more time for enjoyment on board!

One of our clients recently needed to fly a group of executives between two locations within one country for meetings. By opting for empty leg travel (where an aircraft repositions between destinations without passengers onboard), they were able to save significant sums while meeting their business objectives more efficiently.

Make an empty leg booking to save up to 90% on the cost of private jet travel between London, Nice and Olbia with our empty leg booking tool and we will find you the most economical options available to you.


Travelers who opt to charter a private jet for vacation will experience an unparalleled journey from start to finish. No need to wait until you’ve reached your destination to start having fun; chartering allows travelers to experience travel’s excitement from day one!

Novajet can offer leisure travelers on-demand (also referred to as ad hoc) private jet travel, giving you maximum flexibility without incurring financial commitment. Our on-demand private jet services enable leisure travelers to book flights when and if necessary – giving maximum financial flexibility without financial commitment!

As more and more people opt for private jet travel for vacation, demand is on the rise for jettly’s private aviation booking service, similar to Uber or Airbnb. This will bring private aviation into the 21st century by streamlining booking processes.

Special Occasions

When attending special events like fashion week, film awards or concerts, private jet charter offers you flexibility in terms of one-way and round-trip flights that fit around your schedule. Enjoying private flights guarantees more comfort, privacy and an individualized experience to arrive at your destination feeling relaxed and ready to embrace each momentous experience of the day or evening!

Milestone events such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and graduations deserve the perfect red carpet and customized flight experience. Make your milestone celebration truly memorable by choosing a company with proven experience to provide seamless, tailored journeys that will ensure an unforgettable milestone celebration experience.

Convenient travel arrangements enable graduates to arrive feeling refreshed and focused at their graduation ceremonies, while business events such as product launches or incentive meetings benefit from private jet travel, which means attendees arrive energized and prepared to get work done and ultimately achieve desired outcomes from these events.