What is BulletBall?

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Marc Griffin had aspirations of making his high-caliber table game an Olympic sport and sold his home, car, and even wife’s engagement ring to finance its creation.

This wheelchair friendly game engages all your core muscles while having fun! Additionally, it helps foster strategic thinking and leadership qualities among team mates.

Invented by Marc Griffin

Bullet Ball is a fast-paced game of skill, strategy and luck played on a circular table with two side rails. To win rounds and earn more points than your opponent(s). At the end of all rounds played by both individuals or teams alike. This dynamic and challenging gaming experience makes Bullet Ball an increasingly popular choice among gaming enthusiasts seeking an immersive and challenging gaming experience.

In 2006, inventor Marc Griffin appeared on the television show American Inventor to present his creation: Bulletball (basically table tennis without paddles). Believing it could become an Olympic sport, Marc invested 26 years developing it – even giving up his job, selling house and car, and forgoing wife’s wedding band in order to pursue this venture.

Marc’s perseverance became a worldwide meme and his name became an international symbol of never giving up on dreams. Now known as “Bulletball Guy,” his story has inspired thousands to pursue their own. Marc has also written several books about personal growth and success; one such work, entitled ENDLESS DREAMS is an impressive tribute to his determination and commitment towards realizing his vision of success – available both paperback and ebook formats.

Adapted for people with disabilities

With some adaptations, bulletball can be an engaging and challenging game that is accessible for people of all abilities. Similar to ping-pong, but using hands instead of paddles for controlling the ball. A player must avoid hitting it into side rails in order to score points; table height allows wheelchairs access, plus players can choose whether to stand or sit while playing this exciting and engaging sport.

Bullet ball is an exciting team sport which emphasizes communication and cooperation among teammates while cultivating strategic thinking and leadership abilities, creating camaraderie among members. Furthermore, its fast-paced nature provides an engaging way of exercising with friends while having fun!

Individuals with disabilities often benefit from participating in sports that encourage teamwork and competitive spirit, such as adaptive sports. Participating can help individuals build muscles while building self-esteem; winning games can make all the difference when it comes to feelings of weakness or confidence. Many organizations provide adaptive sports opportunities so individuals can find one best suited for them; in addition, these activities can create friendships that last well past when the final whistle sounds; this support system can give strength and confidence needed for future challenges in life.


Bullet ball is an exciting, fast-paced game that combines elements from ping-pong, air hockey and traditional table tennis for maximum fun and enjoyment by people of all ages and abilities. This activity can be played either standing or sitting indoors and outdoors for optimal social development as well as team building!

The rules of table tennis are similar to ping-pong; however, players may not use their hands during gameplay. The object of this game is to get the ball past your opponent into their side of the table (distinguished by color). The first player to score wins the round; players may also experiment with various rules to create their own customized and challenging gameplay experience.

Marc Griffin spent ten years of his life creating this game. Despite challenging circumstances that arose during this process, he managed to turn his invention into an inclusive sport which has received praise for its equalizing play between able-bodied and disabled participants.

Bulletball utilizes a table called a Bulletball table, designed with removable side rails that enable wheelchairs to pass underneath it. Its compact and portable design make it easily portable – one person can move the table easily! There are two versions: BulletBall Extreme Model for competition play; as well as standard Version for easier transport and storage. Extreme mode demands increased speed, hand-eye coordination and accuracy as part of success in competition mode.


BulletBall can be enjoyed without needing a lot of equipment – just the players arms and multicolored foam bullet balls are needed! However, for optimal play a BulletBall table is required for gameplay – designed specifically to make accessibility possible for people with disabilities; its height-adjustable feature makes them simple to place at any height in any location while its lightweight nature makes them easy to transport or store away when not being used.

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Bulletball,​ a dynamic and thrilling sport, involves two​ оr more competitors striving​ tо​ be the first player​ оr team​ tо reach​ a predetermined number​ оf points and win each round.​ In this fast-paced game, players rotate serves after every point​ tо ensure fair and equitable play for all participants, creating​ an electrifying atmosphere reminiscent​ оf the Bulletball Olympics.