Top Training Tips For Bulletball Beginners

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Dodging drills help players develop both kinetic movement and sound footwork, and increase their ability to read defenses and make defenders miss.

Static bullet points can become tedious quickly, but adding animation brings endless possibilities. An animation style can help break up blocks of text and keep audiences engaged throughout their journey.

Cater to New Players

New players may feel overwhelmed and intimidated by other players in a game, making it important for veterans to assist novice players feel at ease and not overwhelm them with too many rules or strategies advice; explaining how the game works or giving a gentle push in the right direction would likely prove more useful.

If a player asks how to play the Ravenkeeper or Virgin, explain that these characters have great power in the game but should use it wisely; rather than telling them never to get drunk or be virgins (both things which will come naturally as they play), explain that these roles have lots of power that must be used responsibly and wisely in the game. This approach will be more helpful.

An effective way of accommodating new players is encouraging them to network and join your community. Doing this will give them a sense of being valued members, and someone they can turn to when struggling with rules or character play.

Waking both Demon and Minions together at the start of a game can be an entertaining way for evil players to meet each other and form bonds of devilish camaraderie, but innocent players might find this process confusing; therefore it may be simpler and quicker to just wake them all at the end of their first turn.

If the speed screen on your Bullet Ball displays an incorrect distance setting, hit it against your hand twice within two minutes to activate Setup Mode and allow its second time of hitting to lock in its correct setting. After which time it will be ready for use.

Warm-Up Routines

Beginners need a regular warm-up routine. Effective warm-ups help develop sprinting, crossing, headering and defending skills; back foot, front knee and opposite-foot techniques; as well as agility and quick feet development, increasing player strength through stretching exercises as well as lateral movements and passing.

SKLZ recommends using the Bullet Ball alongside appropriate warm-up drills in order to maximize its effectiveness. Players should initially “wake” up their Bullet Ball by hitting it against their hand; once its speed screen displays their desired distance setting, it will lock into place and become ready for use. If this changes unexpectedly, however, quickly “awake” it by hitting against their hand again before the 2-minute Setup Mode expires or else its distance setting will default back to 60′.


Are You an Indoor Pitcher Looking to Tune Your Pitch with Indoor Training Balls? Consider the SKLZ Bullet Speed Detection Training Ball as it automatically measures pitch speeds up to 120mph! Perfect for players of All AGES & Skill Levels whether on the Field, Backyard with an Outfield Net or indoor with Outfield net! Easily adjustable distance setting of 46′-6″, this year-round device allows year-round use. To change its distance setting simply hit it once with your hand then two more within 2 minute Setup Mode then lock it in its new distance setting ready for use – then enjoy!

This product uses an LR-41 battery, available individually or as a two or three pack, for optimal performance. Please refer to the included instructions for more information.

Instructional Videos or Diagrams

If you’re new to Bullet Ball, it can be confusing knowing how best to use it. To start off right, the distance setting must be adjusted: to do this quickly hit two balls against your hand twice quickly to activate the speed screen; if its distance matches your desired setting (60′ or 46′), that’s it; otherwise keep hitting until your desired distance appears on screen.

Once you’ve set the appropriate distance setting, it’s time to configure the device in order to monitor pitches. To do this, remove the battery cap (a round battery with plastic cover), unscrew the plastic cap by turning it counterclockwise with a coin or screwdriver and place a new battery in its original spot before screwing back the cap for two minutes of setup mode.

Once two minutes have elapsed, your speed screen should display “00,” signalling its readiness for use. At this stage, you can begin using your Bullet Ball to monitor pitches; be mindful that speed readings may differ based on location or pitch type – remembering to calibrate before each session will help ensure proper readings.