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Make Your Home Your Haven With Clutter-Free Space

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Ever feel overwhelmed by lack of space? Stacks of boxes and disorganized piles of paper making life just that much harder? Too much clutter and a lack of living space are two common household problems that can be solved with a little creativity and the help of a secure self-storage unit. While everyday items need to be well organized and at your fingertips, seldom-used items can be stored in a self-storage unit so they can be accessed only when necessary, creating more space for you to relax, work, and live at home.

If you need to de-clutter, try the following few tips to take back your space. Reclaim a dresser top surface by using decorative teacups as catch-alls. Teacups are the perfect size for holding loose change, everyday jewelry, car keys, and the like. Mismatched decorative tea cups on saucers look elegant while keeping small everyday items corralled. You can also remove clutter from the coffee table with a few shallow baskets that slide under the couch or futon to keep magazines and other coffee table clutter handy, yet out of sight. Storage baskets can also be stashed under beds, side tables or other out-of-the-way places to hold items and reclaim a room.

A small wire wine rack, the type that holds around five bottles of wine, makes a great storage addition for a bathroom. Recycle wine racks as towel holders; rolled up towels and wash cloths, shampoo bottles and other bath-time accessories can be kept neat and handy in a recycled wine rack placed on a bathroom countertop. Try using an over-the-door hanging shoe bag or pocket caddy to keep everyday items organized and at hand. Place one behind the door of the laundry room to hold laundry and other cleaning supplies. Place one behind the door of the coat closet to hold gloves, toques and scarves and another behind the bathroom doors to grooming products.

Beyond making your space more livable by up-cycling and finding better storage solutions, an off-site self-storage unit, like Centron Storage, one of the best mini storage options in Toronto, will provide a secure location to store larger items or those that just won’t fit at home. Some people worry that these locations aren’t entirely secure, but rest assured that by using video surveillance cameras, motion detectors, security cheques, and key-card access, these organizations can monitor and record all activity at their facilities to protect your belongings from theft, fire, floods, or other acts of man or nature.

Using a mini-storage unit also means your valuables will not only be stored securely, but they’ll be kept under climate-controlled conditions. Maintaining a steady year-round temperature inside a self-storage unit will protect your belongs from being damaged from excess heat or cold. Self-storage units can also be rented for both long-term and short-term usage, so don’t think you have to maintain a minimum time commitment or be forced out once your period comes to an end.

Storing items using a professional facility is an increasingly popular and dependable means to make sense of your space and belongings. No one wants to live in a messy or disorderly home or apartment, so if your home simply isn’t large enough to handle all that you own, consider the cost-effective and readily available services of a reliable and insured storage company. You’ll never think of clutter the same way again.