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5 Household Chores You Should Do Before Winter Ends

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Chores are an integral part of life and help children develop essential life skills such as self-care and home maintenance. If shared among family members, chores can also teach teamwork and value hard work.

Daily chores such as sweeping and mopping floors, wiping countertops clean, and sanitizing high-touch surfaces should be completed routinely, but there are other tasks you must complete prior to winter ending.

1. Clean Your Chimney

Creosote, an extremely flammable combustion byproduct of burning wood in your fireplace or wood stove, can build up in your chimney over time. Overexposure to high temperatures could ignite large deposits of creosote deposits inside your chimney, potentially causing structural damage – even if they remain undisturbed within your flue.

CSIA-certified chimney sweeps can help remove creosote deposits and other obstructions to proper chimney drafting, including dead animals or nests that might otherwise clog your fireplace flue. In addition, professional chimney cleaners will be able to safely clear away lawn debris such as lawn cuttings or fallen leaves that clogs the flue during chimney cleanings.

Clean your chimney by taking steps such as taking off its chimney cap, climbing onto your roof and feeding a wire brush into it from below with a rod. However, this method can be messy.

2. Clean Your Windows

Fall and winter bring beautiful leaves, football games, and tailgating; yet many homeowners fail to complete essential maintenance chores before these seasons arrive.

Clean your windows while the weather remains mild. Use a ladder or hire a professional window washer for tough-to-reach areas; just be sure to wear gloves and a dust mask while doing this job!

Do not forget to regularly change the batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors – fresh batteries could prevent unnecessary alarms in case of emergency, possibly saving lives!

If your home is overflowing with clutter, now is the time to do something about it. Donate any items no longer needed or planned on using, and get rid of clutter prior to holiday festivities arriving – this will make life simpler for yourself and easier when cleaning! This will leave a more organized and easily manageable home environment for the holidays ahead.

3. Clean Your Carpet

Maintaining clean carpets during the winter can be difficult. With the doors and windows closed tightly, dirt, leaves, snow and deicer residue can easily track in through doorways or windows and become trapped within carpet fibres, eventually becoming permanent stains that require extensive work to remove.

To avoid this scenario, implement a strict shoes-off rule as soon as you enter your home. Making this easier, place a shoe rack or bench near the entryway so all members of your household can quickly kick off snowy footwear before entering.

Your carpets should also be regularly vacuumed during the winter to help keep dirt from embedding further in the fibers, and make it easier to remove stains. Make sure your vacuum has strong suction so it can trap any potential dirt sources effectively.

4. Clean Your Kitchen

Cleaning your kitchen regularly is an important task that shouldn’t be neglected. While it may be tempting to ignore stove-splatter or toaster crumb accumulations, making wiping down surfaces touched by food part of your daily routine should become second nature.

Mehas suggests developing the habit of regularly emptying and cleaning out both your refrigerator and freezer, and donating any expired items to food banks or donation centers as an additional measure to keep them functioning at optimal capacity.

While cleaning, use a telescoping duster to reach higher zones like cabinets or light fixtures, wiping down doorknobs, outlet covers, and light switches as you go to help reduce bacterial contamination. In order to ensure your surfaces won’t recontaminate themselves in future visits to your kitchen, consider washing towels and rags regularly as this will further decrease recontamination risk.

5. Clean Your Bathroom

Your bathroom is one of the germiest rooms in your home, and taking the time to regularly clean it will help protect against mold and mildew growth during winter.

Wipe down shower walls and doors using cleaning spray or distilled white vinegar to eliminate soap scum and water spots from building up on them. Next, wash or replace your shower curtain and liner as soon as they become dirty; daily hand towel washings to minimize germs; hang drying them quickly are essential too!

Finally, vacuum or sweep your floors to remove dirt and debris that has collected in hard-to-reach places. Don’t forget to dust baseboards too! Now is an excellent opportunity to clear away clutter by decluttering clothing or furniture that no longer serves its purpose and donating any excess.