Teeth in a Day – Everything You Need to Know

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Teeth In A Day is an innovative new alternative to traditional dentures that provides numerous distinct advantages and features. Also referred to as Full Arch Dental Implant Restoration or DIEM, it’s a one-day treatment which replaces all replacement teeth in one go – all within a single session!

This groundbreaking technique brings together both restorative dentist and surgeon for enhanced safety, precise implant placement and dental prosthetic fabrication prior to surgery.

How Does the Procedure Work?

Teeth in a Day (TIAD) is a revolutionary procedure that enables patients to quickly replace all their missing teeth with dental implants in just one visit, also known as All-on-4, DIEM or Full Arch Implants. This new solution offers secure alternatives to traditional dentures.

Teeth in a Day procedures begin with an initial records appointment, including digital scans (formerly dental impressions) and CT scanning of your mouth. These will allow your dentist to optimize placement without using bone graft material.

Procedure typically lasts a few hours, and you will leave First State OMS with your new smile the same day. During recovery period, we suggest eating soft food to minimize discomfort or complications with implants. Furthermore, we provide detailed post-treatment instructions so you can make the most out of them; this will also help avoid slippage and pain issues associated with conventional implants.

What Are the Alternatives to Teeth in a Day?

Replacement teeth should be considered by anyone who has lost teeth due to gum disease, injury or age. Missing teeth can have serious repercussions such as difficulty eating and stomach ache as well as premature facial sagging.

Dental implants are the preferred tooth replacement option, with natural looking and feeling replacement teeth that help preserve jaw bone density and stop its deterioration. Unfortunately, traditional implant treatment takes months of recovery time.

Teeth in a Day offers patients an innovative solution that reduces recovery time significantly while being cost-effective compared to other tooth replacement options. They’re long-lasting too; giving your smile stability, healthy chewing motions and the shape of your face remain unchanged – plus no messy adhesive needed for removable dentures! We highly recommend them as an ideal choice when replacing multiple or all missing teeth at the same time – ideal if looking for more beautiful smiles without hassle of denture adhesive use! For these reasons and more we strongly suggest Teeth in a Day for those missing multiple or all their teeth, who want a beautiful and confident smile without messy adhesive dentures; more comfortable chewing could not only help preserve face shape, but provide stability while supporting healthful chewing, preserve facial contouring while supporting proper facial structure when chewing healthier chewing patterns when chewing, while providing stability during healthy chewing movements while conserving facial structure preservation while long lasting service life and providing years of use while creating confidence from removable dentures; long lasting service life & confidence smile. 

For these reasons alone this option should be recommended as an ideal option when replacing multiple or all their missing teeth as an ideal way of having long lasting service from long lasting dentures with confidence by providing long lasting service as long lasting service years of service with confidence smile. Teeth In a Day are recommended by dental prosthetic replacement but also being cost effective and more comfortable replacement solution providing long lasting confidence smile! This option should also eliminate messy denture adhesive needs to have more beautiful smile. For these reasons alone making Teeth In a Day is recommended by eliminating messy adhesive need and creating more beautiful smile. 

For these reasons we highly recommend Teeth In a Day option for our patients missing multiple or all their missing multiple or all their lost or all their missing or all their missing. For this option offers many years of service while long lasting service from many years of service from long lasting service from long lasting service and providing more beautiful smiles allowing longer-lasting long lasting long lasting solution ideal choice would give confidence while long lasting solutions and confident smile. For this option provides long lasting and longer ensuring better looking natural looking better! For this solution with greater beautiful smile.

Are Teeth in a Day Implants Covered by Dental Insurance?

Your eligibility for dental insurance coverage ultimately rests with your individual policy. In general, dental implants and any related procedures such as replacing teeth should be covered; however, Teeth in a Day isn’t considered a traditional implant procedure and thus might not always be covered.

Teeth in a DayTD dental implants are a form of All-on-4 dental implants, meaning that in one appointment your remaining teeth will be extracted and implants installed to support temporary restoration – without needing to heal between procedures, as with traditional dental implants.

As part of your Teeth in a Day procedure, it’s also worth remembering that an experienced periodontist should perform it, since they possess years of training and experience with placing dental implants safely and successfully. A general dentist may offer similar services but won’t necessarily yield optimal results when dealing with more complex cases such as full arch reconstruction.

Do Teeth in a Day Implants Take Longer Than Traditional Implants?

Teeth in a Day is an innovative treatment option that has helped many patients suffering from serious tooth loss to regain their smiles and self-confidence. Unlike traditional dentures, dental implants are durable enough to last a lifetime; however, their installation procedures may take months or even years.

Teeth in a Day can dramatically shorten the time required to recover from missing or unhealthy natural teeth and receive replacement ones. This treatment enables us to conduct oral surgery on new dental implants on the same day, followed by placing temporary restorations as soon as they have healed.

If you are considering Teeth in a Day, it is imperative that you visit with a dentist with all of the appropriate qualifications and experience. While many general dentists provide this service, their lack of formal training might limit how effective and safe this procedure will be for you.

Additionally, it’s important to consider whether or not your dental insurance covers the procedure in question. If it doesn’t, we offer financing solutions with manageable monthly payments that could be an ideal fit for you.