Empowering Your Style Beyond Size

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After years in the shadows, plus-size models are making headlines once again; Robyn Lawley and Ashley Graham from Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues as well as Clements Ribeiro of Project Runway fame have gained attention recently. This can only be interpreted positively if their movement focuses on healthy habits and self-acceptance rather than shame.

But what about style? Inspiraton, creativity and an excellent fashion sense come in all sizes and shapes.


Fashion can sometimes feel like its own language; from “carrot-leg jeans” to “monochrome dressing,” keeping up can be challenging, yet it’s essential that we can understand all of its terms when it comes to inclusive fashion. One term often misunderstood is plus-size despite clothing industry’s strides toward greater inclusivity; some designers and retailers are using plus-size as an opportunity to create more positive spaces within fashion industry.

Change begins by shifting our language around plus size fashion. Instead of using terms such as plus-size, brands are using inclusive words such as empowering and body positive to describe this genre of clothing. Furthermore, they have taken steps to break down barriers by offering more diverse sizes than before and avoiding harmful tropes such as colors, patterns or fits that assume women in larger sizes are looking to conceal themselves.

Make sure that the range of sizes available is standardised and comparable across brands, especially when it comes to plus-size fashion, where retailers often only provide sizes 12+ without offering anything beyond them – this often leads to limited choices and choices at higher end of spectrum. In comparison, brands specializing exclusively in plus-size clothing offer a full spectrum of sizes and styles.

Marina Rinaldi

Marina Rinaldi is a luxury brand dedicated to creating fashion-forward styles for curvier women. Their company champions body positivity and inclusivity. Recently, fashion has begun accepting plus-size models with sizes up to 16 in fashion trends; although these new trends may prove popular. However, these trends still present many obstacles for plus-size fashion fans; for example many people misconstrue “plus-size” with obesity when the distinction lies solely between clothing sizes and health/body composition differences is key.

No matter your formal gown or casual top needs, Marina Rinaldi dresses have something perfect to fit them. Crafted from high-quality fabrics in various colors to match your personal style perfectly – even custom orders online! Plus their team at Marina Rinaldi are always more than willing to assist in finding exactly what it is you’re searching for!

The company embodies their understanding and intuition of female anatomy into each piece they create, with designs that flatter, feminine, and chic aesthetic. Utilizing stunning fabrics such as silks, plush wools/cashmere blends/and fluid avant-garde mixed fibers.

Marina Rinaldi clothing blends classic Italian design with innovative and contemporary flair, featuring dresses, skirts, tops and pants as well as accessories like bags and shoes.

Even though this company does not advertise themselves as “plus-size”, they have quickly gained acceptance among fashion industry members as an alternative to mainstream brands that only provide limited sizes of their products. Their garments feature an innovative pattern drafting system which creates more tailored fits than other fashion houses, and their website displays photos to demonstrate this as well.


Your wardrobe might be lacking essential dresses or you need new styles that will elevate your everyday look, making finding clothes that flatter and celebrate your curves an uphill battle. But no longer! With easy return policies and curvier influencers such as Ashley Graham, Paloma Elsesser, Precious Lee and Tess Holliday as role models empowering style has never been simpler!

Nike launched their inaugural body positive campaign in 2017, featuring curvier influencers Grace Victory and Danielle Vanier as its face, while Forever 21 collaborated with curve model Lulu Bonfils to expand their extended sizing offerings. However, luxury labels still lag behind, with few high fashion labels opting to extend sizing due to “fat taxes” which pass onto customers through higher prices.


Fashion brands may increasingly cater to women of various shapes and sizes, yet the industry still falls far short of being fully inclusive. This is particularly evident among those larger than US dress size 32 who find commercially produced fashion options substantially limited.

Samshek, a custom-made designer clothing company, aims to change this with their custom-fit technology and work toward producing clothes which can fit customers perfectly using this new form of dressmaking. Their goal is to produce high-fashion yet fashionable dresses which can be personalized in various ways: length, neckline, sleeve length and fabric can all be modified as desired by customers.

Samshek is a family business founded and run by Samiksha and Abhishek Bajaj of Noida, India. They launched this enterprise in 2015 and employ eight tailors and 12 employees at their workshop based there; Samiksha oversees management and operations while Abhishek oversees sales and technology aspects of business operations.

Samshek stands apart from other online fashion retailers by producing its clothing domestically. Their textiles come from Delhi and their production line comprises of seven to eight seamstresses working to ensure wrinkle-free fabric, mill dyeing that delivers vibrant hues, as well as making in-house patterns.

Samshek offers plenty of formal cocktail dresses and casual office outfits on its website for any special occasion or casual event, whether that means office meetings or networking events. Take for instance the cold shoulder top with flare palazzo women’s casual pants featuring front slit detail; pair this look with heels and stud earrings to complete this stylish ensemble that would work beautifully at an office meeting or networking event.


Since 2013, Sumissura has been on a mission to make tailored fashion more accessible. Their customized approach gives customers the power to craft clothes that perfectly match their personal style, without overproduction and waste; with garments being delivered that are both high quality and cost effective. Sumissura believes every woman should have access to wardrobe pieces that reflect her individuality – their selection of businesswear, wedding suits and pantssuits ensure you can look your best no matter the event!

Sumissura recently introduced their customizable shoes for women, designed in-house and produced in Europe, which are intended to meet each customer’s individual needs and tailor their products even further to them. Available in an array of colors and styles to match individual personal styles.

Sumissura stands apart from many tailored clothing brands by not requiring customers to submit new measurements every time they place an order. Instead, their 3-D design feature lets users select fabric type, collar/cuff style and button thread color selection. In addition, there’s a step-by-step guide available online for accurate measurement takers; furthermore Sumissura boasts one of the fastest 3D designers worldwide making ordering simple and straightforward.

As a result, dresses and blazers from this brand are among their best sellers, which serves as evidence that it meets women’s needs with customized offerings. Going forward, their goal is to offer even more inclusive apparel and shoes — including custom-made jeans – within their offerings.