Conspiracy Theorists Claim That HAARP Caused the Earthquake in Turkey

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Turkish experts told local media that such claims are “the most stupid thing they have heard in their lives”

The devastating earthquake of magnitude 7.7 on the Richter scale that hit Turkey this morning at 4:17 local time has already taken more than 500 lives in the country and neighboring Syria.

As rescuers dig for hours to get the bodies out of the rubble and look for survivors, the doomsayers have already started to speculate and claim that “HAARP caused the earthquake”. Among the outlandish claims, there is also one that the earthquake was caused by an attack from an American warship that was docked in the Bosporus two days ago.

Turkish experts have told local media that such claims are “the biggest stupidity they have ever heard in life”.

“Something like this is impossible and there are no scientific explanations for what they are claiming,” said Prof. Dr. Ahmet Ercan, a geophysicist from ITU Faculty.

Recall that the epicenter of the earthquake was north of the Turkish city of Gaziantep in the area about 90 kilometers from the border with Syria.

The quake affected 10 provinces and was felt in Ankara and other Turkish cities. After the devastating quake, 40 aftershocks followed, up to 6.6 on the Richter scale.

Thousands of structures were destroyed and damaged by the earthquake, and the quake was felt in Damascus and Lebanon as well.