Why is Andrew Tate So Popular?

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Tate is revered by millions of fans, who celebrate his signature look – featuring cockroaches and lice with full moon of hair on his head – as a champion for what they believe in.

Tate first rose to fame as a kickboxer on Big Brother; today he is well-known in the toxic online communities known as “manosphere”, where men blame women for their victimization.

1. He’s a lothario

A 35-year-old British-American former kickboxing champion and self-help guru with paid classes and bootcamps, the 35-year-old British-American former kickboxing champion can often be found lurking around in the manosphere, an online community where men lament their victimhood while placing blame for society’s issues on women. Furthermore, this man is well known in this section of society and acts as a self-help mentor offering his mostly male followers strategies for financial success, pulling girls and “escaping the matrix.”

Tate’s brand of misogyny has propelled him into social media fame, with him and his brother making millions every month on TikTok alone. However, his rise has raised alarm among women on TikTok that it contributes to an environment of online misogyny and radicalisation of young girls on the site.

Tate was arrested along with two other men in Romania in late January on charges of rape, human trafficking, and forming a criminal gang to exploit women for online pornography. His alleged victims have raised funds through crowdfunding platforms to cover legal costs; McCue Jury & Partners law firm representing them has petitioned the UK government for extradition from Romania.

2. He’s a provocateur

After failing to find success on reality TV, Tate turned his focus toward the “manosphere”, an online media ecosystem which promotes masculine grievance and misogyny. Today he attracts a core audience of men who follow his advice on becoming better men.

Tate is a master of provocation and self-inflation. He promotes an outdated gender stereotype that holds that women need saving by powerful men; additionally he believes rape victims must accept responsibility for their attacks; his followers are drawn in by promises of hypermasculinity and financial success.

Tate also draws them in by creating an environment of care; similar to Canadian cultural warrior Jordan Peterson, Tate understands the concerns and mistreatment young men feel within society today, creating toxic forms of parasociality where followers build one-sided relationships with content creators who exploit vulnerabilities. The manosphere is an outlet where such toxic relationships may thrive – it offers solace from society for many young men disillusioned with life or feeling mistreated by society at large.

3. He’s a hero

Andrew Tate has become a household name in recent years. A former professional kickboxer turned influencer, his controversial views have made waves on numerous issues and more people seem to be discovering him every day.

Tate still enjoys an online following that supports him despite accusations of human trafficking, admission of using women as camwhores and videos showing him hitting women. He represents an entire movement which embraces masculinity as an answer to society’s problems.

Dr Robert Lawson from Birmingham City University studies the manosphere – an internet ecosystem where self-improvement advice combines with casual misogyny. We discuss why figures like Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson and Andrew Tate continue to resonate with so many people despite their harmful actions and attitudes.

4. He’s a cult leader

Tate’s misogyny and criminal activities may simply be window dressing for his core message of power and wealth control over not just careers but women as well. According to experts who have seen young men radicalised by him, his central message is preaching to boys and men that power and wealth control is crucial – not only their careers but women too! Additionally, his message implies that women belong in the home rather than being free agents; depression doesn’t exist and victims must bear some responsibility in any relationship that goes sour;

He has managed this feat thanks to his adept manipulation skills online. Along with his brother, they have established lucrative businesses from webcam modelling and cryptocurrency trading activities that have allowed them to amass an devoted following who support their persona and beliefs. At a time when men are increasingly losing power and dominance over society, his message that men still possess this birthright sends an alarming signal about its danger for preteen boys.