Thelma Riley – Ozzy Osbourne’s Ex-Wife Departed Due to His Alcohol and Substance Addictions

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Thelma Riley first met Ozzy Osbourne of Black Sabbath while working as a waitress at Birmingham’s Rum Runner Club, where they married that year and had two children: Jessica and Louis.

Ozzy’s lifestyle and substance abuse issues ultimately caused them to divorce in 1982, prompting Thelma to retreat from public life and work as a teacher in Leicestershire, England.

Date of Birth

Thelma Riley was Ozzy Osbourne’s first wife for eleven years before they separated. Since the split, Riley has chosen not to appear on Osbournes reality show as she chooses a low profile lifestyle while raising her children in private.

Ozzy met Thelma at Birmingham’s Rum Runner nightclub where she was performing, where Ozzy also worked as a performer. They quickly fell in love and married later that same year in July.

Ozzy’s drug and alcohol abuse ruined their marriage. Ozzy abused her verbally, physically, emotionally, and the relationship was plagued with affairs. At one point he even attempted to strangle her while drunk – although later claimed he did not remember the incident and therefore wasn’t charged for it.

Ozzy Osbourne was forced out of Black Sabbath due to his alcohol and substance abuse issues, including serious sexual addiction issues that lead him to become violently abusive toward family members, including an incident when he threatened killing both wife and daughter while under the influence of intoxication; later claiming post-traumatic stress disorder as the source.

Age at Divorce

When Thelma Riley married Ozzy Osbourne in 1971, she was only 22. They met at a nightclub known as Rum Runner in Birmingham where Ozzy was beginning his career with Black Sabbath as its lead singer – where they promptly fell in love and decided to marry within months of meeting each other.

Ozzy and Thelma had two children together: Jessica and Louis. Ozzy was known to cheat on his wife several times during their marriage and even abandoned his family to pursue his music career; according to former bandmates he also used drugs heavily and consumed excessive alcohol intake. Following being kicked out of Black Sabbath due to his excessive partying habits, Thelma filed for divorce.

Divorce proceedings were finalized in 1982, and Thelma has largely stayed out of the limelight ever since to focus on raising her children and teaching at Leicestershire, England high schools under her current moniker of Thelma Mayfair.

Although many of Thelma’s children have become famous through reality shows and other careers, her eldest child Aimee has generally avoided the limelight. Kelly and Jack Osbourne both featured prominently on The Osbournes as well as other TV programs; Aimee has some social media accounts but does not wish to marry again at this time.

Biographical Information

If you are an Ozzy Osbourne fan, Thelma Riley may be familiar to you as his first wife who remained in his life for over ten years after they divorced. Since their divorce she has kept a low profile but is best known as mother to his two children Jessica and Louis.

Thelma Riley was born May 17th 1954 into a Christian British family. She has one child from an earlier relationship – Elliot Kingsley – before meeting Ozzy at The Rum Runner nightclub in Birmingham on November 4th 1971 and marrying for eleven years until their separation in 1982.

Ozzy described his first marriage as “a terrible mistake” in his autobiography and noted how alcohol and drug abuse was straining their relationship. Shortly after they divorced in 1982, Ozzy met Sharon Arden and began living more peacefully thereafter.

Thelma Riley was a teacher by profession in Leicestershire, England. Since retiring she has taken to living a low-profile life at home with her family; her estimated net worth stands at about $60,000. She does not appear on reality shows and still teaches students at her school despite reaching age 67 in 2020.


Thelma Riley shot to fame after marrying the lead singer of Black Sabbath. Although he achieved considerable success as an artist, his substance abuse led to their separation in 1982; Thelma went on to live an auspicious life as an educator in Leicestershire, England.

Thelma and Ozzy met for the first time at Rum Runner Club in Birmingham where she was working as a waitress, where they instantly fell in love and married that year. Soon thereafter they welcomed Jessica into their lives in 1972, followed by Louis in 1975. Unfortunately during this period Ozzy struggled with alcohol and substance abuse which ultimately caused him to leave his band in 1979 before eventually finding new manager Sharon Arden who greatly enhanced both personal and professional lives alike.

Although Thelma and Ozzy did not have any more children together, both remain close. Jessica, born 1972, currently works as a costume designer in Hollywood while Louis lives with his wife in Los Angeles as a theatre artist. Following their divorce, Thelma kept both children out of the public eye by refusing to appear on Ozzy?s reality TV show called?The Osbournes?, airing from 2002-2005 on MTV.